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Emerald Park-Mesa

This Park starts with a funny story of how I found it, so you can skip ahead, but you’ll miss a kind of funny flub I made.

We had some time to kill between going to Sea Life Arizona and Bounce U in Gilbert, so I picked up a Starbucks coffee using a gift card and looked on my old school GPS to find a park. I didn’t want to kill my data so I didn’t look up on my site , so I just looked at the green spaces on my GPS and picked a place to drive to for a park.

Well, green on my GPS’s map also means it could be a cemetery And, we found a cemetery. Not exactly my idea on where to play!

Luckily, right down the road was Emerald Park on S Harris Drive.

If you are a positive person, you will be happy that the entrance to the park closest to the playground is not right off of Harris Drive. However, it did take a bit of meandering around the streets to find that there actually was a parking lot close to the playground as well as closer to the pond.

If you take East Hampton Ave to South Williams to East Hilton you will find another entrance to a parking lot that is right next to the playground.

Other bummer here, no bathrooms! 

But otherwise, the park is gorgeous and even has a Frisbee Golf Course! Did I ever tell you I played ultimate frisbee in college? Oh fun times.


Beautiful Pond in the middle of the grassy area with some trees and sandy berms. There is a fence around the south side of the park. If you hopped the fence and went too far,  you will end up in the freeway!

The big kids playground with all types of climbing things, things to swing around on and twirl on.

Like this thing!

And then there was a cool swing for two!

The swing really needed a good push. I’m not sure how you would get it going on your own. Maybe rocking back and forth? We didn’t check it out for too long because the other parts of the park were shaded and I didn’t put sunscreen on my kids (ooops).

Look at all those different things to monkey around!

And opportunities to spin around and and around until mommy wants to fall on the ground!


And more Spinning. And the nice ramada. Unfortunately, the only one on this side with just two picnic benches.

And more spinning.

There was also a tot lot. The babyswings were almost under the shade at high noon. Sigh. But, there were rockers, a nice tot sized teeter totter and a climber. The yellow climbing part of the playground seemed a little bit high for wee ones though.


All in all, I think this was a beautiful park! I really enjoyed going to it and think it would be a great for big kids and parents alike!

The Basics

Emerald Park Mesa

S Harris and E Hampton Ave


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