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Elevate Trampoline Park- Goodyear

Elevate Trampoline Park in Goodyear is one of the newest hot spots in the West Valley. Located at approximately Litchfield Rd and I-10 , it is easily accessible from the central and west valley!

Elevate is in an industrial building, so it isn’t visible from 137th Ave, but you will see large signs for it.

Before you arrive, especially if you have many children, I suggest you fill out the waiver online. It is very quick, and you can even do it on your mobile device.

Check in counter! You also can get your socks here (bring back your socks for $1 off) The bottom of the counter is bumpy and has quite the texture. Dimples loved running his hands over it.

The Cafe and waiting area! There is also lots of seating throughout other areas of the jumping floor. Lots of shoe racks and stations throughout the waiting area. They also will be installing lockers soon (yay for us moms who end up carrying all of our kiddos things!)

The big jump floor. Lots of different sized trampolines and even a arced surface to bounce off from (if you so dare). The platforms were great for jumping off of as well. I’m not as daring as I used to be, but I saw lots of bigger kids doing flips!

If you have monkey children that climb everything, elevate is a great mix of trampoline and climbing. You can see in this picture Giggles climbing out of a foam pit, a rock wall with foam blocks underneath and Munchie about to climb through “trapeeze type swings” that go over a foam pit. I’d like to say I got across two swings without freaking out. 

A foam trench. Kids like jumping over the trench. I put Dimples in it a few times, he he he.

Surfboard? Boogie board? Place to hang out and relax-All Three!

A Balance beam with pummelers. Try to knock your opponent off of the balance beam and into the pit of foam. Munchie took on some other homeschoolers that were older while doing this-It was hilarious to watch.

You may also notice a lot of the images on the wall-all hand painted in a “space” type theme. Really neat to look at if you are taking a break from jumping. You will also notice that there are a lot of foam benches against the wall as well, with places to put belongings underneath.

Toddler court for under 5 years old. During the busier times, it is manned with staff to make sure that the littles are the only ones using the area. There is a platform in the middle so the littles can jump off.

And a little foam pit for the littles. Look at Dimples go! There was also a cool bridge that the kids could go on (or hide under, as I found out). You can’t see in the picture very well, but there is netting that is up against the trampolines separating it from the floor below that is about 2 feet down. To the left of Dimples is the Waiver sign in section of you didn’t do it before at home.



Two dodge Ball Courts!

Basketball court to the right and a jump off and flip area (with stairs that little ones like). This is so you can do jumps off the wall, should you be so daring!

Both the mens and women’s rooms, nearest the basketball trampoline area have changing tables and very nice tiling.

There is also a family restroom near the party rooms!

Party rooms that can expand for large crowds. There are three party rooms that can turn into one!

My kiddos really liked the rock wall, the rope wall (not pictured) and the monkey bars and rings (not pictured). There were tons of different climbing experiences, which really kept my kids very active during their time. They kept wanting to discover new places throughout their time, and we easily filled up the alloted two hour jump time. And, they were SUPER tired when we left (YAY!). I loved all the obstacles at Elevate and the opportunities they had to interact with other kids. My kids even took the foam blocks with other kids and were building them on the bridge and knocking them over. They really had a lot of fun running around and jumping! The staff was wonderful, and we can’t wait to go back.

Elevate has tons of different theme days, packages for groups and of course holds birthday parties and other events!

The Basics

Elevate Trampoline Park

701 N 137th Ave

Goodyear, AZ

We received complimentary admission. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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