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Eating Around South Lake Tahoe

Eating is a part of vacationing, right? Here are the places we ate and a quick summary of our experience at each of these venues in South Lake Tahoe

  • Echo-at our hotel at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

    • Food-great variety of food with a professional chef on staff. We ate there three times-one time as take out. They were happy to serve us in takeaway containers. Food was decently priced for hotel food, and the convenience made it excellent. Lunch is pretty quiet, but later afternoon/evening it is very busy. Staff was excellent as well, and they had a kids menu. The Chef even came out to talk to me because I asked for dairy items to be taken off my sandwich!
    • Bathrooms are in the main part of the hotel.
  • GunBarrel Tavern and Eatery-South Lake Tahoe Heavenly Area

    • More of a bar scene type restaurant, but had nutritious and different food offerings including kobe sliders and interesting salads. There are two rooms to the restaurant and outdoor seating near the gondolas. Not recommended if you need high chairs as the space is pretty tight. Bathroom is a shared bathroom with the rest of the Heavenly Plaza
  • Base Camp Pizza Company-South Lake Tahoe Heavenly Area

    • Pizza, pub fare, sports bar combination. Large outdoor seating area near the mini golf course and in the main area. Has a bit better seating for children and has a children’s menu. One again, bathroom is shared with the rest of the Heavenly Plaza. As of 2018, an extra 3% surcharge is added onto bills for “mandatory government regulations.”
  • Harrah’s Buffet-Located in Harrah’s Casino 18th floor

    • Buffet is fully stocked with tons of different food options including sushi rolls, pasta dishes, salads, beef and chicken meals and huge dessert spread. Kid friendly meal options available-especially the dessert. The view of Lake Tahoe is amazing from this floor. All drinks (other than water) are an additional charge to the buffet. In order to get to the buffet, you must walk through the casino floor or through the hotel. There is a “path” that those under 21 are able to walk on to get to certain areas in the casino. Harrah’s is located in Nevada. There is a bathroom inside of the restaurant.
  • Harrah’s Sushi Kai-Located in Harrah’s

    • Located on the 5th floor ( I believe, not listed on their site). Beautifully appointed Japanese restaurant with Sushi and hot meals. Private dining rooms available. No children’s menu. Bathroom is located outside of the restaurant. Harrahs’ is located in Nevada right next to Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
  • The Baked Bear-Heavenly South Lake Tahoe

    • Choose your own cookies and ice cream sandwiches. There was one vegan flavor available. My kids and hubby had it twice and enjoyed! Located on a second story of the Heavenly Shops.
  • Azul-Heavenly South Lake Tahoe

    • Indoor and outdoor seating is available for this Mexican/Asian fusion restaurant. There was live music and a lot of seating primarily outdoors with games available for the kids. The bathroom was difficult to get to as it was up a flight of stairs, and a small chair lifter was available, but blocked by kegs. Children’s menu available.
  • Jimmies at The Landing Lake Tahoe Resort and Spa

    • We had takeout from this restaurant for lunch and brought across the street to Lakeside Beach. Salads, sandwiches and kids menu. Kids menu had generous portions.


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