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Eastmark Great Park Mesa

If you have monkeys in your family like I do, you will love this amazing park in Eastmark. Eastmark is a huge community in east Mesa, on the Queen Creek Border. It is also very close to the Mesa Airport.

Check out our other post to see the splashpad!

Baby swings and a small little toddler slide built into a hill of rubber was an interesting feature.


Parking for this amazing park is all on street parking. The street is not busy, but it is still on street. There is also a large lake that is nearby, so if you have little wanderers, this park may not be a good one for you.

eastmark lake

The Lake

The lake was really pretty with walking paths and a little waterfall and ramadas near the playground (and by little, I mean teeny tiny)! There was just enough to keep the water moving. A water pump was nearby to keep water moving.


Baby Swings and big kid swings were available at Eastmark Great Park.

The ropes were super fun for the kids to play on. But, be very wary. the metal that held the ropes together gets very hot in the sun.Poor Giggles, in her bathing suit, got a little burned when her leg touched one. My other kids had a lot of fun climbing around it.

And then, these round hoops. At first, I thought this was the splashpad. It was not. What is it? I have no idea. Run under, run through? My kids loved going under it.

Ages for this park

I did wish the park had a little more shade! It was very out in the open, and I wish that the splashpad was on the same side, and we didn’t get to visit it because it looked like it was part of the private area of the neighborhood. Darn it! Anyhow, there are bathrooms by the playground that were very nice.

This park is great for kids 6 and up who don’t wander and that you can trust. Or if you have a man to man (parent to kid) ratio. The Eastmark Lake really made me a little nervous having it right next to the park with no fencing or anything. It was very pretty, but very enticing for little ones as well. Great park, great playground, but between the parking situation and the lake, I think this wouldn’t hit our top 100 places.

Also, there is also a little farm right next to Eastmark Great Park called Steadfast Farm. Its only 2 acres and is considered a “bio-intensive market farm”. They grow fruit, veggies, flowers and poultry. It might be the smallest farm I have ever seen!

The Basics

Eastmark Great Park

East Ray Rd and Insiprian Highway. Parking off Inspirian highway. To get to the splashpad, enter off S Eastmark Parkway to the parking lot and the Splashpad is behind the welcome center.


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  3. Mari West on October 31, 2019 at 10:42 am

    The Splash Pad is open to the public. It was constructed along with the resident pool so kids can go from one to the other, maybe. But for my kids, they can play while I get drinks and stuff from the adjacent famed Handle Bar. Phase 3 will be opening on Nov. 9th. It has more fun possibilities as well, featuring a mini-zip line for kids among others. Have Fun!

    • Vicki on November 1, 2019 at 2:30 pm

      Thank you so much! Yes, I just wish the big park and splashpad were close to each other. But, who knows! Thanks so much for writing!

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