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Earl Edgar Recreation Facility Buckeye

We love checking out new parks, and I love bringing my husband along for some of our adventures when he’s not busy building websites (Shameless plug for my awesome hubby, Scott at Surprise AZ Web Services ). We decided to go for a little ride to Earl Edgar Recreational Facility in Buckeye. However, our GPS took us onto a dirt road for whatever reason, so first I will show you where the park is in case you end up in the same place!

The park is at 500 South Miller Road, which is South of I-10 (our Garmin took us to the north which we knew was wrong).

You will go through “Historic” Buckeye as well. We went through on a Saturday and it was not really hopping at all. But there is another post office out that way, if you are ever needing one!



There is a nice parking lot right off of Miller Rd, before Irwin Ave. There were no baseball games being played (four fields on the facility) when we visited, but there is also a gravel area on the northbound side of Miller Rd that would be good for parking as well if there were no spots in the parking lot.


Here’s a view from the parking lot of the playground. It is considered a boundless playground, but I would be a little skeptical on that as there is a small area that is rubberized to get onto the play equipment but the rest of the play equipment is surrounded by mulch, making it a little difficult for someone with mobility issues to get all the way around it.


There was some low level climbing equipment. you an also see some picnic benches in the background as well as a building. Benches surrounded the playground area as well but they were not in the shade.



This was the building with the bathrooms. It was in the center of all the fields. It was clean and somewhat warm for the blustery day we were having. There are lots of doors around this small building, but the bathroom entrances are on the East side of the building.


Here is a spinny thing! Oh spinny things, be careful with these. Munchie tried to jump onto one of these at another park and missed and landed on his wrist and broke two bones. So, needless to say, we didn’t try it out when we went. But they are fun.


There was also these nifty climbing thing that is like a balance beam but tips. My kids love these! You can also see the small rubber entrance to the play scape equipment on the right hand side of this picture.


A nice double slide for the littles. The left hand slide had little groves on it (to slow a kid down? ) I’m not sure, but it was interesting.

My kids loved this “Spring Swing”. They stood on it, bounced on it, shaked it, and it just kind of bounced up and down. We had seen a similar one at Schliefer Park in Youngtown. I think it would be great for the mobility impaired or perhaps a child who craves rocking, however, being on mulch might make it a little more cumbersome to get to. As an adult, I enjoyed sitting on it and bopping around too! I’ll call it a “Workout”, haha!



These were little musical “bells”. I’m not sure how you are supposed to get them to chime, other than taking a stick. Using your hand kind of hurts since they are made out of pretty hard metal, but it works. I didn’t see a mallet attached anywhere, but it was neat anyhow.

Unfortunately we didn’t stay long at this park because it was just pretty darn cold (says the lady who came from Connecticut!), but it was fun for the kids to run around. I’m sure the park gets busy during baseball season, but it seemed pretty barren and quiet the day we went. Great park for younger kids and has some things for the under 10 crowd.

The Basics

Earl Edgar Recreational Facility

500 Miller Road, Buckeye.



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