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Dust Devil Park Glendale

Dust Devil Park in Glendale is right on the border with Phoenix. I recently was told by a friend that the Phoenix Parks and Recreation department took over the care of Dust Devil Park.

When I arrived at the park, I realized I had been at this park before. But, the park was in such bad shape I didn’t want to write a review. I was actually just dismayed how poorly the park was cared for I didn’t even know what to say. I was pleasantly surprised that the park had been greatly cleaned up and a lot of my concerns were taken care of.

One of my concerns the first time we went to the park were these things! They are little waterways for rain storms. I guess you could call them man made washes. When we visited the first time I found a lot of things that I definitely did not want my kids around. I will leave that up to your imagination. This time, everything was super clean! As kids would love to run and jump in the washes, it was really nice to see that it was all cleaned up with no debris.


There are huge grass areas surrounding Dust Devil Park, and a nicely lit basketball court near the restrooms. We saw people playing baseball and kickball too. There is also a nice skateboard park too.

The bathrooms were closest to the parking lot, and unfortunately, the parking lot is pretty far from the playground and splashpad. Not optimal for parents with small kids unfortunately. The Camelback lot is the best lot for parking, even though Google Maps says there is a parking lot on 107th Avenue.

Near the playground is a community center. Posted on the front doors of the community center is a not so welcoming sign that says the bathrooms are not for public use. Hmmm.

Anyhow, don’t try to use those bathrooms.


Is it me, or do all the ramadas look like space ships? It reminds me of the movie Men in Black!

The playground had a lot of great options for big and little kids. There were monkey bars, slides, rock walls and ropes and swings too.

Ropes dust devil park

I really have no idea how you are supposed to climb these things, but my kids sure love them. My kids enjoyed the ropes! the playground was filled with mulch and had lots of bridges to climb. I just thought it needed a little more fill with the mulch, but it was very clean.

baby swings

And, baby swings under a shade! YIPPEE!!

For the Toddlers!

toddler playground dust devil

Dust Devil also had a nice toddler playground right next to the big playground. The mulch fill was pretty good in the toddler area and had a shade over it, and was right next to the ramada. There was a huge area grass area between the street and the toddler playground too, which I always appreciate. However, it is quite a walk from the playground to the parking lot if you have little ones. You might want a stroller for this one.

toddler playground dust devil park
Splashpad at Dust Devil Park

The Splashpad at Dust Devil Park was right next to the Playground. It had nice features like frog sprayers, one ring to run through and two flowers that rain down.

There are a few trees that surround the splashpad, but unfortunately, no shade. The community center is right behind the splashpad. Also, don’t use their parking lot for the playground!

I was so happy to see this park looking so great. Dust Devil Park has been turned around since we saw it years ago, and hopefully will be maintained.

The Basics

Dust Devil Park

107th Avenue and Camelback

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