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Donnie Hale Park-Avondale

I decided to go a little south for our park today and thought of Tolleson at first. This park came up as Cashion Park in Tolleson on Google, but when we got to the park it had Donnie Hale Park-Avondale. Cashion is a section in Avondale (if you aren’t familiar with this area).

This park is really a great one for the older crowd, but not so much the little kid crowd. I would put it as a 4+ (if they like to climb). There are swings for the babies (4), but that was really the only thing that was ok for the under 3 crowd to do safely.


I really like the sign!


Tons of climbing stuff. Munchie was super excited, Giggles and Dimples were not so pleased. Munchie climbed to the top and screamed “I can see EVERYTHING!” But, it is shaded!


Bathroom building with an annexed ramada. There is also a beautiful mural on the building as well.


Lots of swings and a baseball field in the background.



Stairs that lead up to the jungle gym craziness.


A moving climber that has rubberized handles. Almost spiderweb like.


Two very tall rock walls that lead up to a platform which the only slide comes off of.


A strange climbing bridge.

This park is also on the corner of two streets (not busy), but if you have little runners, they could easily get into the road easily, as the parking lot is an extension of the street. This park would be great for your bored 7-12 year olds that really like to be climbing on things they shouldn’t. We will definitely be back, but probably when everyone is out of diapers!

The Basics

Donnie Hale Park Avondale (Cashion Section)

West Pima (4th Street) and Jessie May Ave (10875 W. Pima Street)

This park includes:
Baseball Field, Basketball Courts, Playground, Ramadas


  1. Avatar Kelsey on April 26, 2017 at 2:05 pm

    Hi my name is Kelsey, I have a 5 year girl old and 2 year old boy. I’ve looked all over for toddler friendly parks. Do you know any? Seems like most the parks around here are made for older kids. We go to Friendship park a lot but would like to find somewhere New.

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