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Disneyland MaxPass

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In our package for Disneyland, we took advantage of the MaxPass, which was amazing.

The Disneyland MaxPass utilizes the Disney app so that you can book times on rides without having to wait in line and without having to walk across the park with your entrance card. With the FastPass, you need to have your entrance card and get a slip of paper which tells you what time to return for your ride. Unfortunately, you need to walk back to the ride to get this slip of paper.

With the MaxPass, you can book your rides in the app once you check in t the park. Users can easily see the wait times of the most popular rides at Disneyland and plot out what ride they would like to book. The down side is that you can only reserve one ride at a time. The MaxPass also gives you the PhotoPass (2019), which allows you to download all photos taken by park personnel and on certain rides (listed below).

Rides with MaxPass (2019):

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventure Park

Photo Options

At Disneyland Park the Photo Options:

At Disney California Adventure Park:

The FastPass/MaxPass window is one hour. However, you can get in 5 minutes earlier than your time. The scanners and staff will not let you in any earlier than five minutes. When we were in line for a ride, we usually checked out the wait times for other rides and booked our next one or decided what was close by that had a wait under half an hour. The app made it easy to check to see what the waits were, especially for kids who aren’t that patient!

After a ride, go to the end and take a picture of your code. Enter this code into the Disney app and you can download your picture. If you forget to look for your photo at the end of the ride, unfortunately it is a loss.

hyperspace mountain
Munchie is hiding behind my husband, Scott. My inlaws are behind me. And, we had a random child in our photo that kind of looks like he belongs with our group. He sat next to me. I will name him Ted. 🙂

We also did a few character meals and met Mickey Mouse in ToonTown. Also, we were able to get our pictures downloaded instead of having to carry around photos and pay extra for that service.

goofy's kitchen and Donald Duck

I really felt that the MaxPass helped us get on the rides quickly and efficiently plus let us enjoy the parks more. There were other rides that we did wait a while, but I felt like the MaxPass was definitely worth it if you are going to Disneyland to check out the rides.

The Basics

Disney MaxPass vs Fast Pass


  1. Avatar Natalie on July 21, 2019 at 7:11 am

    Our annual passes to both parks just expired about a week ago. I will tell you this mom is happy to be taking a break from Disney. My husband opted to pay for the year max pass. I think it was completely worth the extra money. My kids love the rides. If we met up another family, I would let them use my pass for the ride, and the husband and I sat out. They check the number of passed and not the names. With our countless visits we noticed some snags, and I am sure changes will come with passes. I do like if the ride breaks down when you are waiting or when your max pass is on, it turns into magical Max pax that doesn’t expire until the close of the park that day. Seriously, if you ride the listed rides in your article, then Max pass is the way to go!

  2. Paradise Pier Disneyland - Surprise AZ Mom on July 22, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    […] open to having people take their own cameras out, which was super nice. If you have the Disney MaxPass, photos that were taken by the professional staff could be downloaded as a part of your package. […]

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