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Dino Explorer at Legoland Discovery Center

We were happy to be invited to Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe to check out their new “Dino Explorer” exhibit.

If you have not read our post about Legoland Discovery Center, I highly recommend it! There is so much to do for kids 10 and under, and parents will enjoy it too!

The new Dino Explorer exhibit is located right next to the 4D movie theater. Legoland Discovery Center has made this room a rotating exhibit. Each exhibit usually lasts about 6months to a year. Make sure to check it out before it leaves.

volcano made out of legos

This is the center of the room and is a magnificent Lego structure that has lights beaming down on it. The lights make it look like there is movement in the volcano, which “explodes”. The water “moves” and objects appear and disappear on the Lego display.

Interactive videos at Dino Explorer Legoland Discovery Center Tempe

On two sides of the display are these interactive videos. Kids can choose which creation they want to build and they get step by step instructions on how to build it.

Interactive display at Dino Explorer Legoland Discovery Center Tempe

Or, kids and adults can just create their own item and use it for dramatic play. The “water” look is made from the lights above!

Master builder at Legoland

And sometimes the kids get pro advice from the master builders! We have interacted with many of the master builders and they are so great with kids!

Lego Skeleton head

Nothing quite like a Lego Skeleton Head, which wasn’t named quite yet!


Two dinosaur building tables! Kids and adults can build your own Lego Dinosaur like the model or make their own!

The Dino Explorer Exhibit is sure to please any Dinosaur fan, along with all the other amenities that Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe has to offer!

The Basics

Dino Explorer at Legoland Discovery Center Tempe

5000 S Arizona Mills Circle Suite 135

Tempe, AZ

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