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Desert Ridge Marketplace

It has been a while since I went over to Desert Ridge Marketplace, so I decided to take a ride up there to see what changes have taken place.

Desert Ridge was one of the splashpads we visited most when we first moved to Arizona. It had a Starbucks coffee nearby and was a bit of a drive so I could snag a nap from my kiddos on the way home.

The splashpad is still there in all it’s glory, year-round! The backdrop with all the fun restaurants (and Starbucks for early morning and tired parents) is available for kids to play and parents to enjoy a few minutes of quiet. There are nice chairs all around and even a fireplace.

splash pad

Some of the restaurants have changed, but there is still the movie theater, more seating and more turf area.

The fireplace was going on the cool March morning I visited, and was a perfect place to sit and have some coffee with friends.

Share Tea, near the splashpad, has the most convenient restrooms.

There is now a lot of seating outside of restaurants, and more shade!

Desert Ridge Marketplace has a stage, and the area had lots of seating as well. Perfect for local musical acts and special music events.

A few years ago there used to be an indoor play area in Desert Ridge. Where the indoor play area was this sign.

What do you think of this sign? I would have preferred a “bucket list” or “things to do while I am alive”? I think this was a bit morbid especially with all the beauty they are putting into Desert Ridge.

By Barnes and Noble, there is a fountain with lots of seating areas. I would love to see more restaurants down this end as well.

desert ridge bocce

Two bocce courts were available by Barnes and Noble (but you need to bring your own Bocce balls).

Time to Play

desert ridge play area
desert ridge climber

I was really happy to see that new play equipment was added at Desert Ridge as well. Plus, it is in an area that is usually shaded by buildings and less likely to get hot. So, play away kids. It is on the other side of the complex from the splashpad, but I do think that is a good thing. If you don’t want your kids getting wet and you have shopping and eating to do, you can easily avoid the splash pad!. But, if you do go to the splash area, I highly suggest bringing a few toys.

I’m happy to see that Desert Ridge is making some changes and I hope that they add some more fun things to their line up too. They have a lot of great restaurants and shops. Desert Ridge also offers a lot of events throughout the year, so make sure you check out their site.

The Basics

Desert Ridge Marketplace

21001 N Tatum Blvd

Phoenix, AZ

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