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Desert Cabelleros Western Museum

I love taking a little drive out West to Wickenburg to check things out. For the first few months when we moved here, my husband joked that “Wickenburg didn’t exist” because every time we tried to drive out there, one of our kids would have a screaming fit or have to use the potty and we’d turn back home, not knowing what to expect there. I finally made it one day to find out there was stuff there, but, as usual with Wickenburg, the kids had another bathroom incident and I had no clothes to change them into, so we headed back home. Defeated!

But finally, we made it out to Wickenburg to the Desert Cabelleros Western Museum. With all things Wickenburg in our family, we almost missed going into the museum as there was a half hour left that they were open. We were able to go inside for a little bit to check it out.


Since we arrived right before they closed, we had premium parking. The parking for the museum is on Frontier Street and its mostly street parking, although there are a few parking lots around the museum as well. We didn’t get a chance to check out the Cultural Crossroads Learning Center on Tegner Street.

When you enter the museum you are on the top floor, which I couldn’t take a picture of the entry because of art that is not allowed to be photographed (per the owner of the artwork’s instructions.)There is a lot of beautiful artwork, however, it was not of much interest to my kiddos. I think if they were a little older they would have liked it.

Instead we went downstairs where there was exhibits that were kid (and picture) friendly. Again, My kids were a bit young for this, but the volunteers at the museum say they often get field trips for ages kindergarten and up. If it had been Munchie with older (and less rambunctious kids) I think he would have really soaked it in.

IMG_8897As you can see here, this little town was “Early Wickenburg Scenes”.


The area was fenced off so the kids couldn’t go in and touch everything, but they thought it was hiliarious that this was a “store”.


The Saloon-Bottoms up!


Giggles got to try a saddle. There was even a wonderful volunteer showing the children the proper way to get on a saddle.


This room was filled with dioramas that showed scenes from centuries ago to the current age of Wickenburg. I wish I got to read it all, but we were off running around.


We also “met ” Elizabeth Smith outside the Vernetta Hotel. There are many different figures around Wickenburg that have a history. Elizabeth even had a button that you could press (up on the wall) that activated speakers that told her story.

There were also a few statues of snakes, lizards and others that I scared the children with. Ha! It was kind of funny!

Desert Cabelleros Western Museum will be having children’s audio sets for in a few weeks (as of 8/16/15) that are specifically geared toward just children. They also have many events throughout the year for youth that are worth checking out! Also, if you are wondering if your children will like going and want something to check out, kids are FREE with adult admission, plus you can get a discount if you are a AAA member. I was also super excited by how nice and kind the staff and volunteers are. The ladies who were there were talking and engaging with our children. It was a great experience!

The Basics

Desert Cabelleros Western Museum

21 North Frontier STreet

Wickenburg, AZ




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