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Desert Breeze Park Chandler

Desert Breeze Park in Chandler is huge, and has a lot to offer families!

We started in the South prt of the park near the police department. Desert Breeze Park is located at 660 North Desert Breeze Boulevard.

The South part of the park has two huge playgrounds, swing set, grassy areas, parking, but no restrooms. There is also a nice walking trail throughout the park.

desert breeze park toddler

A really nice toddler playground was shaded and separated from the big kids playground.  With the little slide, dramatic play areas like , a few different slides and a telescope. There was mulch and no dirt.

bouncey at desert breeze park

There was this strangle bouncey thing. I’m not really sure the purpose of it. There was also a little tractor looking wobbler behind it

toddler playground desert breeze park

The Toddler playground at Desert Breeze Park had a lot of sliding options (view from the other side).

swings desert breeze park

The swings. I love the adaptable swing, but why is it facing the dirt lot? I mean, wouldn’t it be better to face the playground?

Pretend car at Desert BReeze Park

Do you have a kid that loves to pretend? This truck feature at Desert Breeze Park is sure to encourage lots of play and fun!

And look at all those slides on the big kids’ playground!

Desert breeze big kdis palyground

The big kids playground at Desert Breeze Park (South) had tons of different features, climbing, slides, bridges and more!

desert breeze park

Lots of different bridges and lookouts from the big kids playground, and a few different dramatic play areas including steering wheels and telescopes!

overlook of playground and saded desert breeze park

Just an overlook of the Toddler area from the big kids area in the South Desert Breeze Park in Chandler. I loved the ramada and how big it was, but I didn’t like that there was no bathroom on this park oft the park. Just looking at the toddler playground makes me hungry for Goldfish crackers.

We then drove over to the north part of Desert Breeze Park. It was very warm outside and my little guy was pretty much melting. I had read that Desert Breeze had a splashpad, so we had to see that before we left. I had forgotten that there is also a railroad and train, but it is not open in the summer!

desert breeze path

We parked at the 427 N Desert Breeze parkway area, where there were a lot of ramadas and a small bathroom and a nature center. There was also a sign not to feed the cats because the city is trying to protect hummingbirds. Interesting.

If you are looking to go to the Train or the splashpad, it is easier if you pick the parking lot off of North Desert Breeze Blvd West. WE walked from the other parking lot and saw the lake, baseball fields and all the cool little shaded areas around the Lake.

Restroom near the train, splashpad and playground

The area was really pretty. It was just too bad it was so hot!

desert breeze park bridge

There is a really neat bridge that you can go over and see the playground to the North and the Splashpad to the South.

desert breeze splashpad

The Desert Breeze Splashpad had a cute theme, plus there was a nice shaded seating area around the park!

desert breeze playground

The Desert Breeze playground on the other side had soooo many options! Look at all the these amazing features! Slides, those round climber things, different platforms and more!

Desert bReeze park

There were so many different slides and climbing obstacles at this playground. The toddler area and boundless playground was attached, so be careful for your wee ones. There was also a small, standing on its own, rock wall for kids to climb.

Nearby was the train station and a few a other rides. However, they were closed for the summer.

desert breeze train station

There was also a cool spot that you could stand and see both the playground and the splashpad. That was such a cool design feature!

Desert Breeze PArk

I mean, really, how pretty is this view? I really loved this design and all the options for play at Desert Breeze Park! I can’t wait to go back there when the train is open!

There are lots of different places to hang out at this park, making it perfect for families. Lots of greenspace, the lake, tennis courts, walking trails and multiple playscapes!

The Basics

Desert Breeze Park Chandler

660 N Desert Breeze Blvd East

Chandler, AZ






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