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Desert Amethyst Park- Peoria

We have gone to many different parks, and some parks are amazing and great and we can’t wait to go back.

Unfortunately, Desert Amethyst park has a lot of negatives to it. Although it has a great playscape, and a huge grassy area for kids to play in, there are still a lot of pitfalls of this park.

Desert Amethyst Park Peoria

The playground is very nice, shaded and has a great greenspace. All nice pluses. While the play area is a little worn from the sun and from use, it was still very functional and you could see the area was well cared for. Desert Amethyst Park also had a paved sidewalk trail that went around the outside of the park too. However, there were no ramadas and no bathrooms.

The biggest, and most important pitfall of Desert Amethyst Park is the parking situation.

While Desert Amethyst Park is fairly easy to get to, being right off of 91st Avenue, getting to the play area is actually quite difficult. 91st Avenue is very busy and there is no opportunity to park on 91st Ave.  If you are looking at the satellite view of Desert Amethyst park, it looks like there is a nice trail/sidewalk that leads from 91st Avenue to the park, which there is. However, you cannot see the depth of this. Desert Amethyst Park actually sits at least 10 feet below street level of the surrounding streets, and is a catch basin.

The other streets that surround the park, 90th lane and 90th Ave, do not have good access to the park. The only street that does have good access to the park is Michelle Drive, however you are then parking behind someone’s RV gate, and I’m sure they are not too appreciative of that.

So, parking is pretty much a bummer at Desert Amethyst Park.

And because it sits below the street, it is also a flood plain area. Mosquitoes. Yuck.

desert amethyst playground

The play area had a nice toddler area, climbing features and slides. The mulch was fresh and you could see that although the fixtures were aged, it was well maintained and cared for.

play structure desert amethyst

A nice tube slide and different challenging climbing features were available. Just a few benches surrounded the park. There were no ramadas or picnic benches.

desert amethyst park swings

There was a little kids bench with tic tac toe, two baby swings and two big kid swings under a shade (I do like when it is under a shade!)

dramatic play areas desert amethyst park

There were a few cute little fire department dramatic play areas for the kids too!

The greenspace was very large, which would be great for soccer or another type of game. There were the water retention/sewer grates coming from 91st ave, which was above the park.

This park is really good for the neighborhood, however, I wouldn’t recommend driving to this park. Given that it might be flooded due to weather conditions or there might not be much available parking, Desert Amethys Park is a Big pass unless you live within walking distance.


The Basics

Desert Amethyst Park

W Michelle Drive and 91st Avenue

Peoria, AZ



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