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Deer Valley Park Phoenix

Deer Valley Park in Phoenix is a great place to hang out with your kids, or your pooch!

With a fully fenced in doggy park, you can bring your dog for a full run too! This park also has a swimming pool on the premises, a rec center, exercise course, grills and greenspace. There are also basketball courts and tennis courts. Unfortunately, the only bathrooms were at the community center and the pool.

The Deer Valley Park is located at 19602 N 19th Ave Phoenix

It is conveniently located right off of i17 and loop 101! And, amusingly enough, Utopia road. And, it is such a utopic park.

Two different playgrounds were available. One was for the older kids (5 and up).

An awesome rock climbing wall was available for the kids.

These strange balls were here, and I’m not exactly sure what you are supposed to do with these! One of the platforms was cracked, but the kids still played around it.

This climber was a huge attraction for my kids. It reminded me of something from the ocean.

My kids called this the “DNA Strand” and it was a popular place to hang out too.

Behind it was a fun tree to climb as well. As you might see, there were picnic tables and benches surrounding the park, which was really helpful. However, because of the situation we are in January 2021, the ramadas in Phoenix are roped off. It doesn’t make sense to me, but the ramadas are roped off, but benches by themselves are ok.

Toddler Playground

The toddler playground was just across a little sidewalk and had its own shade.

Cute little slides and speakers!

Two climbers and a twisty slide too.

There were also baby swings away from the playground, but unfortunately not under the shade. There are also big kid swings, but not under a shade. I wish the swings were under a shade, but, that is ok.

The parking lot is a good distance away from the playground for safety and was off street. This park is also a good one for bringing bikes, trikes and scooters too!

The Basics

Deer Valley Park

19602 N 19th Ave

Phoenix, AZ

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