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Deer Valley Airport Restaurant

Having friends in town means showing them a good time. Having friends that have boys the same ages as mine means it better be active and fun!

We started our morning at Buffalo Ridge Park in North Phoenix, which is just about 3 miles away from Deer Valley Airport and Restaurant!

Deer Valley Airport was built in 1960, but the existing terminal and restaurant was made in 1975. Deer Valley Airport has quite a bit of industrial areas around it and one of our favorite places , Restyle Junkie-that redesign your kitchen and other cabinets. However, there isn’t too much for dining, which makes the Airport Restaurant a very popular destination!

picture taken from the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant’s website.

There is plenty of parking around the airport and terminal. The day we went they were also preparing for a big party in their private (glass enclosed) party room. However, there was tons of seating inside the restaurant. It is seat yourself, so you can pick booths, tables or what we did-the outside!


Lunch with a view!

A fully fenced in area with plenty of tables and chairs on a ground floor and an upper observation deck. There are a few gates to get onto the airfield, but they looked like they were locked. There is also the upper observation deck that you can have lunch on (no glasses, just plastic ware). Or, you can pack a lunch and eat upstairs.

There are rocks and desert landscape around the seating area, but there is plenty of room for the little ones to roam around. There are stairs going up to the observation deck, so just be wary of little wanderers that aren’t so good with the stairs.



The restaurant is ALL of these windows, and you can see the second story observation deck. The fencing is not that high, and there is a small wall the kids could climb up. My youngest, Dimples, was standing on the little ledge underneath the bit of fencing and easily put half of his body over the fencing. So, be careful as it could be a fall hazard. We had one parent up there to supervise at all time. If the kid flew over the wall because they were hanging off/onto the fencing or ledge, it could be very deadly (about a 15′ fall). So, make sure there is a parent up there supervising!

Great view of planes from the observation deck or sitting area. Planes were taking off and landing and our little boys were loving the noise. It was a bit noisy, but two moms were able to have just catch up and have the kids pretty settled. Our server brought out some crayons and toys for the kiddos to play with. I didn’t see any high chairs and the outside chairs were ok for our toddler kiddos, but we needed to sit right by them. They seemed pretty baby friendly, so I’m sure there was a high chair around. I’m sure if you had a small stroller, you could have brought that through the terminal side and brought it out.

Food and menu was a normal type of kid friendly/diner fare, with reasonable prices as well. Our server was nice enough to bring us a pitcher of fountain drinks so we could refill . Great think about sitting outdoors was that when there were spills, I was not concerned at all ! And, we weren’t too concerned about ruining the meal of the other patrons (because in all reality, we were VERY loud with four boys and two girls all under 7!).

The only downside was that the restrooms were way on the other side from the outside seating area. And past a ton of seating! They are closer to the entrance of the building/parking lot (and are shared with the terminal-not just for the restaurant). They were baby friendly with a clean changing table, so if you can get everyone to use the bathroom before sitting, that is the best option. Of course, someone always has to go during the meal, so I highly suggest bringing a spouse or parent if you have multiple kids that might fight you to use the bathroom!

You also pay at a register, not at your table, so just be prepared to have a little wait in line to pay, which is near the bathroom. Also a good time to have another parent or spouse bring the kids to the car or keep them occupied in the small terminal area. Waiting in line while paying is one of my kids least favorite things to do-and usually ends up in someone getting hurt. Or me feeling like pulling my hair out! Luckily, we had three parents for six kids so we handled it quite well!

If you are looking for a different place to go and enjoy outdoor seating in the great weather, the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant is a must try!

The Basics

Deer Valley Airport Restaurant

702 W Deer Valley Rd #B

Phoenix, AZ


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