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Deem Hills Recreation Area Phoenix

If you have never been to Deem Hills Recreation Area, then you are missing out! And, you are like me-Missing out on amazing scenery, hills for kids to roll down, parks to play in and trails to hike.

We didn’t do any hiking on the day we visited, but it is definitely on our to do list. There are hikes that go UP UP UP, and hikes that go around the mountains as well. 

Deem Hills

However, Deem Hills has amazing soccer fields and Playgrounds! And gosh, do we love a good playground!

deemhills playgroundThese Love shade sails do ok for shade, but they could be better. The playground was similar to Asante Park in Surprise. There were also two big kid swings and two baby swings, some rubber matting and lots of sand, so bring some sand toys too!

big kids play area deem hills

There is always this weird plastic tree thing. Do you climb up it? Do you slide down it? Who knows? Just try! Behind it was a shaded picnic area, but in this picture it looks like its part of the play area. There were a few shaded areas and lots of trees with benches under them. Very well placed so parents could keep an eye on the kids.

bridges and climbing

There were lots of bridges (including this slim bridge) and different things to climb, and even a place to rest and do a little tic-tac-toe game at the top of the big kids playscape.

small kids playground deem hills

The toddler playground was well done here! Deem Hills and Phoenix made the slides at the appropriate height to the rubber and the stairs were perfect too for little (diapered) legs and bottoms! So often they are so high off of the ground! Shade sales were good too. The only thing that was ridiculous (and I mean, ridiculous) was the height of the little “talking” speaker at the top of the tot playground.

toddler playground deem hills

My 6 year old had to stand on the railing to even get close to it . And she is the size of an 8 year old. So this part wasn’t well thought out. So, this does not get an a+ from me.

rock wall deem hills

The rock wall also intrigued Munchie, who of course, wants to climb anything he can. There were a few different “man mad rocks” to climb, but the only issue we saw was that you can’t see what is under you, including another child. A little problematic if one child falls.

Tons of parking will in a lot way off of a road is perfect of this lot,but on cool days during soccer matches it may get hectic. This is a beautiful park with bathrooms, picnic areas, and lots of great scenery. I can’t wait to come back and hike it too!

But Don’t forget, there is also the great hill to roll down too!


Deem Hills Recreation

The Basics

Deem Hils Recreation Area

5050 W Andrea Lane

Phoenix, Az


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