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DBAT Baseball and Softball Training Avondale

Baseball and Softball batting cages have reached a whole new level at DBAT in Avondale.

DBAT in Avondale brings Baseball and Softball batting cages to a whole new level. It’s like a country club for batting cages that is inclusive for all! Forget the old batting cages and baking out in the sun when we were kids. Temperature controlled with no sun in your eyes, you will be in your glory practicing your swings, hits and pitching at DBAT in Avondale.

Dbat avondale

DBat Avondale is located on North Fairway Drive, which is off of Van Buren Street in Avondale, right off of i10.

You might be wondering “What should I bring to a batting cage?”

Well, you can bring your own bat, batting gloves, helmet and regular sneakers (no cleats please). No need to bring balls, they have plenty of those. If you don’t have any of the above, the staff can help you pick out what you need! Our kids had everything but batting gloves and we soon realized we needed some gloves.

Never swung a bat before? That’s ok too! You can sign up for lessons too! Not only are there lessons, but DBAT will be offering Camps and clinics as well!

Dbat store and entry

DBat Entryway and Pro Store

The DBAT store has pretty much everything you could possibly think of for baseball and softball, plus this is where you sign up for credits or memberships.

No more tokens or needing coins swishing in your pockets, the system is all on a card like a hotel key (more on that later!). Customers can either do walk in or have a membership that gives you access at any DBat location nationwide. Certain memberships also give you discounts on camps and clinics which is great for those aspiring baseball players!

Batting Cages

batting cages dbat

The real fun is the batting cages! All batting cages use real baseballs and softballs that are included in the rental of the cage, so no need to bring your own. Baseball speeds are 40mph, 50mph, 60mph and 70mph. Softball speeds are 40, 50, and 60 mph. There are also cage rentals to be rented out by the half our increments. Great for those who need to practice their pitching too!

Batting cages

DBat Avondale heard there was a need for space for a cornhole tournament and we got to see a cornhole tournament!

batting cages

Lots of nets and fencing to protect spectators from getting hurt or hit! Also, there is a sign up sheet for busy times so people make sure they take turns!

small stadium seating at dbat avondale

And nice stadium seating at DBAT Avondale so your fans can cheer you on!

But, how do you pick your pitches and set yourself up in the batting cages? After loading up your card at the front desk, with your package, Husband Scott does a quick tutorial


Our kids were ready to roll!

But first, a good luck picture with Mookie Betts!

dbat avondale

Giggles and Dimples tried Softball for the first time and both hit a few balls which was pretty amazing, since they had never really swung a bat before!

Munchie is in the Red Sox Jersey, because I think he felt he needed to be dressed appropriately just in case there was a talent scout for 9 year olds at DBAT! Dimples also got to hang out in the cool office that had all Red Sox themed gear (it just happened this way-it wasn’t a set up!)

If you are more of the sit back and watch type, like moi, there are plenty of areas to hang out and watch the kids (or your spouse)

Dbat avondale waiting area and games

This area to the right of the pro shop also has a snack bar area and some arcade games like air hockey and basketball hoops.

hybrid fit club avondale

Hybrid Fit club is a 2000 square foot gym that is a separate membership from the DBAT membership but is great for all around strength training for all sports. You can inquire about this at their front desk as well.

lounge rooms dbat avondale

One of the lounge rooms at DBat Avondale with CCTV so you can watch what is going in the batting cages. These are first come first serve!

dbat meeting room

There is also a huge conference/meeting room at DBAT avondale with full sink and a microwave for meetings or birthday parties or other events!

If you are looking for more training for your up and coming baseball or softball player, DBAT in Avondale is AMAZING! It really made me rethink how sad my childhood batting cages were and how lucky our kids are to be growing up with such nice facilities. DBAT really thinks of the comfort of the players and the spectators and will be having great events, camps and clinics. I’m so excited to have this great facility in the west valley, especially with two boys who are into baseball!

The Basics

DBAT Avondale

1050a N Fairway Drive Avondale AZ- Building Faces east and entrance is on the east side of the building

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