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Crayola Experience Chandler

Any child of the 1980s will know Crayola Crayons, Markers, water paints or colored pencils. I think the brand was etched into our lives as a staple part of art class or free time. Throughout the years, Crayola has experimented with newer technologies in arts and crafts. Now, there are five locations (2019) where families can go and explore crafts and rafts in a family-friendly experience location called the “Crayola Experience”.

Located next to the Food Court in Chandler Fashion Square, you will be able to find the building by its iconic yellow and green coloring. The outside of the building is truly whimsical in appearance.

Crayola Experience Chandler

Ticket purchasing can be done through these kiosks, or online (for extra savings). Groups, birthday parties, field trips and more are also available!

Also importantly noteworthy, as all of our posts go, is that there is a bathroom available inside the location. You do not need to exit Crayola in order to go into the food court to use the bathroom. This was our first stop into the Crayola Experience as we had a long drive from Surprise. It wasn’t for me though! Bathrooms were very kid friendly and had changing areas. Also, there was a separate nursing area.

19 Different attractions are available at the Crayola experience

  • Wrap it up-name your own crayon and put a wrapper on it
  • Be a star-take a picture of yourself and color it
  • Melt and mold a crayon
  • Colossal Caddy-color pictures
  • Silly Selfies
  • Drip Art-spin art with melted crayons
  • Modeling Madness-play dough Crayola style
  • Rocking Paper-Create your own drawing that moves
  • Stomp and Play-interact with a touch screen on the floor
  • Cool Moves- Become a dancing crayon ( I don’t remember seeing this but there was a large peg board that looked like a light bright!)
  • Melt down-melt pictures
  • Color magic-have your picture come to life
  • Rainbow Rain-Interact with a picture on the wall that looks like is raining colors on you
  • Scribble square-chalk fun especially for littles
  • You design-have your car or fashion person come to life
  • Activity Studio-Make a craft

Also available was a skee ball game, a snack area, party rooms and a panning area!

Make Your Own Crayon

Dimples and Munchie first hit the make your own crayon. We were given a few tokens to make our own crayons. A few readers already asked what ages I recommend The Crayola Experience for, and because many of the projects have a lot of reading, I would say 6-10, unless the child has a dedicated parent with them at all times. I had just Munchie,9, and Dimples, 5, with me. Most of the time I was reading the things to Dimples and running after him.

Some of the projects are limitless and you can keep doing them, but the make your own crayon has tokens as did the “play dough.” You can purchase more tokens to buy more items, but I believe you are given a few tokens as you enter. Since we were there on a blog day we were allotted a few. The exchange rate was 50 cents per coin (Thanks readers!). Skeeball was 50 cents, cash only and the crane game was $1 quarters only. The crayon machine and dough machine took Crayola Coins!

There are a few different kiosks and colors of crayons to choose from and then you can make your own wrapper on it. There was some history on how Crayola started, but unfortunately my kids needed help on using the wrapping machine. It was pretty easy, but there were reading instructions.

Be a Star was one of our favorites! I really liked that we could do this. I kind of wonder how many pictures we would get to print off, but there was no limit on the day we went. There are also backgrounds you could choose from. I saw some people doing some really imaginative things with the backgrounds. Then, there are large places you can color in your pictures. We brought ours home to color.

Skee Ball at Crayola Experience

This wasn’t listed in the activities, but it was a small skee ball machine. It also took the Crayola Experience Coins. I did not see any points or tickets come out of the machine. There was also a crane/stuffed animal machine tucked away in another corner. In this picture you can also see the snack bar. There weren’t any seats designated for snacking, but you could pull up a chair anywhere. Outside snacks/food is not allowed.

Drip art

The Drip Art was a big hit. This was another activity that if you have a non reader and/or impatient kid you really need to be hanging out next to them. There was a lot of staff helping everyone figure out the machines. We were able to pick out two colors of four the staff offered. There are lights to tell you when to open the machine and put in a new crayon and when to open the drawer to take out your masterpiece.

The Masterpiece! If you remember doing spin art as an 80s kid, this is very similar. But, its all enclosed and you don’t get messy. Lights heat up the crayons and they drip down. Kids get to use a lever to speed up or slow down their paper!

Making some fun pieces at Crayola experience

The next thing Dimples decided to do was to make a ring. He put a ring on it. Once again, we got to choose 2 crayons from 4 different colors and put them into the machine. There were lights to tell us when to open doors and put pieces in, but this is important to have a patient reader along with little ones.

The Rocking Paper was pretty neat! If your children love magnets like my kids do, they will love this feat! You create a an animal on one of the tables and put it together. Of course, I wasn’t putting it together fast enough, so I think ours was upside down HAHAHA! Anyhow, walk over to this table and the lovely workers puts on simple paper binders on the bottom of your creation. The “stage” is magnetic and the workers have an ipad that has a computer program that moves the magnets around, causing the paper binders to move and the frogs to dance. Ours was the sad white one with no colors on it because it was upside down. Seriously, only me.

Color Magic Was a lot of fun. I think I had the most fun in the wonder of this. How you can take your picture and have it appear on a screen as you drew it seems amazing to me! This was another area where you really needed a reader to help guide along the process. Crayola did debut this for homes a few years ago, but I’m guessing the technology is much better now!

You Design

Munchie took off for a little while and was playing with the You Design for while. So, I decided to let him explain about it than trying to figure it out myself. Cars and fashion were both available! You cannot control your fashion accessory or your car, but it would be cool if you could.

Scribble Square

Scribble Square was a nice are for the little ones to hang out. This was very popular for the tot crowd! This was also near the restroom and nursing area!

Rainbow Rain

I realize with this picture, I definitely need a different lens or another type of function for a good quality photo, but my kids had fun with the Rainbow Rain. They figured out where the camera was and were playing with that


Meltdown was a handheld “pen” that melted a crayon so you could draw with it. Pretty neat and messy. Glad it wasn’t at my house!

Silly Selfies

The silly selfies station was very funny! The only thing that seemed a little peculiar was picking out the weird pieces before you take the picture of yourself. I’m not used to doing these selfie types of things, so I made it as weird as possible!

light board

I think this may have replaced the “dance like a crayon” because the big “lite brite” was not listed! Maybe the dance like a crayon will come later? But, this is still fun, especially for littler hands.

Experiences not Pictured:

Modeling Madness, Stomp and Play and Colossal Caddy. The Modeling Madness is a table with Play dough Crayola style that you can also take home. Use tokens to get your own dough. The Stomp and play is an interactive screen on the floor with games for kids to play with and the Colossal Caddy is a place to draw and color!


Near the exit and snack area was a mining station with flowing water. This sort of seemed a bit out of place and not flowing with the rest of the theme. The mining bags have an extra cost and of course, have water for extra mess. I didn’t really understand the connection to Crayola. I would have preferred to see a more active and energy releasing area for younger children in this area.

One cool feature I would have been also fun to see kids melt down old crayons into new crayons as well. I know there are kits at home to make new crayons and would love to see that here! And, a place to bring old crayons and markers to be recycled. I think that would be amazing to see as well as receptacles for paper recycling.

Exiting the Crayola Experience is a beautiful store with Crayola Everything!

Crayola Store

I really recommend the Crayola Experience for ages 5-10 or 4-10 with a dedicated parent for those kiddos who cannot read or have lower patience thresholds. There are a lot of things that you need to read! This is definitely a experience that is a lower physical activity and more creative. While it does have some physical aspects, it is more low key! Lots of fun for families, especially those who like technology and art!

The Basics

Crayola Experience Chandler

3111 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler

Chandler Fashion Square


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