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Country Meadows Park-Peoria

Country Meadows Park in Peoria is going to (hopefully Soon) get an upgrade! (August 2019 )

As the great weather is starting to wind down, I am pushing my kids to enjoy as many parks as possible! I LOVE our outdoor time.

Country Meadows is very close to Youngtown where we have seen some other parks! I would say this area was a pretty “Sleepy” area of Peoria, but there was an elementary school right near the park, so I’m guessing at School start and school end it is pretty busy! It’s close the the Agua Fria River (or…Agua Fria there ‘s the place that fills up with water when it does rain!).


Bathrooms. Always a nice site to see. They are basic and cold metal, but they are available. Peoria has done really well with the bathrooms at so many of their parks!


Lit basketball courts for the older kids!


A huge ramada with four tables under it, conveniently located between the basketball court, bathrooms and playground. There was also another ramada on the far side of the park. I also liked the solid metal of the picnic tables instead of the mesh metal. Although the tables were kind of sloped, it makes for items to not be stuck in said picnic table! Coming from CT, all of our picnic tables at public places were wood, and picnic table wood is usually very cheap and splintery. And when do you sit at a picnic table? When you are wearing shorts?!!

I digress..back to the park!


A very shaded play area with sand and the playground gummy material. And look at the variation of slides. (The playground stairs had that meshy metal material though!). Dimples has been taken to putting his fingers in these metal slots. I’m starting to think metal cutters are going to have to be part of our park bag!


Nice toddler double slide.


And “the rainbow slide”. Looks more like a crazy popsicle to me!


Many different ways to get up, and those round handled climbers. Those are tricky, but the kids like them. There is also a “bubble window” the kids could sit in. For some odd reason, those always look gross and disgusting though .


Two baby swings and two big kid swings, and some lit tennis courts in the back. There was also a lot of green space and a good walking trail around the park!

And twisty slides and bumpy slides.

I think this park is really great for the three -5 year old clan, or if you have young ones with older ones who want to play some sort of ball. Great place for a big party with all the ramadas too! It’s also easily accessible from Northern Ave or Olive, and there is a McDonald’s nearby on Olive.

The Basics

Country Meadows Park Peoria

11098 W Butler Drive



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