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Consignment-Why Not?

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of consignment/used clothing, but when I started college I realized what true gems you could find at a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or consignment stores. There was small consignment store in my hometown of Meriden, CT (that later moved to Wallingford, CT- Twice is Nice), that started out as clothing, jewelry and toys. It later morphed into wonderful furnishings that were absolutely stunning.

Being a parent of three small kiddos, I totally love consignment shops. I am most familiar with the chain Once Upon a Child, as we had this in Connecticut and I often sold and bought things there. It provides a great middleman for a busy mom that doesn’t want to list on craigslist or have a tag sale (My husband has banned me from doing them because I am too focused on organizing items for maximum saleability!). While you may get less money for items at Once Upon a Child, you immediately get paid for items, get stamps that go toward a discount on purchasing items at the store, and its all convenient!

I visited the Surprise Once Upon a Child today, and was extremely impressed. The staff was extremely friendly and we had a great shopping experience. I sold some clothes that no longer fit my children and ended up buying some as well, and made a nifty 27 cents profit after the exchange!

There are other consignment shops that I have heard of too, and I have to visit them as well. There is Kid to Kid in Peoria and Other Mothers in Surprise, as well as Goodwill on Grand Avenue in Surprise (It has a BEAUTIFUL drop off area!). There are a bunch of other thrift stores in the area as well, and it seems that they fit every niche of what you may need for your family or for yourself. I encourage you to check it out, and save those “Washingtons”.


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