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Comerica Theater Phoenix

Comerica Theater seats 5000 people and has many different uses, but mostly concerts and theater shows. Our family took in “Paw Patrol Live”. Our review is based on the venue during Paw Patrol Live.

Located in central Phoenix, Comerica Theater is located on Washington Street and North 4th Avenue. There are quite a few one-way streets around the venue, so you may end up driving in circles a few times to find parking at Comerica. The theater is across from the United States District Court and the Phoenix Federal Court Security. Some of the parking areas that are nearby are not available for public parking. However, there are parking garages at 4th Avenue and Jefferson and Adams and 4th Avenue. Many parking lots also open up for special events. Around the area of Comerica Theater you will also find Phoenix City Hall, Fox 10 and many different Phoenix City Department buildings.

Tickets and The Venue

Comerica Theater has a few different ways to purchase tickets-usually online or by telephone is your best option. However, you can also buy tickets at the box office. The box office is only open weekdays 10-4 (as of 2019) and right before and during shows.

stantions at comerica theater

If you are lookign for parking, there is an additional charge not onsite. Be prepared to pay cash, anywhere from 10-25 for parking.

On event days, you will find that the stantions are set up to go through security lines. Make sure you arrive early enough to go through security and know what you can bring. Kids are usually able to dress up in costumes for children’s events. It is best to check out Comerica’s FAQ section before you arrive.

Snack Bars and Concessions at Comerica Theater

If you have kiddos that are always hungry, like ours, there are plenty of opportunities for food, drinks and souvenirs. The day we were at Comerica Theater, the concessions were all available on the main floor only. This may change for other events.

stairs at Comerica Theater

The stairs were easy enough for us to climb with our kids. However, there were elevators available. The stairs were colorful and had some design to them so it wasn’t too boring climbing up to our seats! Most people used the stairs after the show was over to exit.

We sat in section 202 which had a pretty nice view of the stage. Even though we had to climb up a few flights of stairs, the balcony was not too high up off of the ground. So, if you have “balcony” seats, I wouldn’t be too worried that you are too high up off of the ground with little ones.

seating chart comerica theater

We didn’t go into the true balcony seating, and I’m not sure if the VIP suite boxes were available for this show.

Comerica Theater pirate Day

From our seats the sound was great and the kids really could see just fine, however, if there were adults in front of them we sometimes needed to do a little readjusting. I pretty much expect this at any live show with kids.

I was very impressed with the staff and the cleanliness of Comerica Theater. However, I was a little underwhelmed by the bathroom facilities. I felt that they were more likely to be in a baseball or football stadium than a concert venue. The bathrooms we went into were dark, cement and very factory-like. It wasn’t the most welcoming and warm bathroom I had ever been in I guess if there was a rowdy crowd in the bathroom, you could just use a fire hose. I know those Paw Patrol viewers are a bit crazy sometimes, so the hose might be needed. There was a changing area for babies in the bathroom.

The Basics

Comerica Theater

400 W Washington, St Phoenix


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