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Coffinger Park Wickenburg

Coffinger Park in Wickenburg is in the heart of Wickenburg. Considered the “city center” of Wickenburg, Coffinger Park has many of the events throughout the year that Wickenburg is known for. Across Tegner St, one of the Main Streets in Wickenburg, is an open show horse area!

Wickenburg really still shows its western spirit!

We have also done some other great reviews of other places in Wickenburg like Sunset Park, which is on the western part of town (splashpad), Maguire Park and of course, Desert Caballeros Western Museum.

Coffinger Park is located on Swilling Avenue in Wickenburg and its a little tricky to get into the park. It’s a tight turn off of Tegner Street if you are coming off of Wickenburg Way, so make sure you are going slow!


The Park has the towns baseball fields, swimming pool, skate park, tennis courts and a GATED and SHADED playground. YES! The playground is gated.

Can I get an alleluia, parents?

This might be one of the only gated playgrounds I have seen in Arizona.

There are three ways of escaping the playground, but it is gated.

gated playground coffinger park

Big kid swings, a baby swing and adaptive swing and two shaded playgrounds. And, lots of trees.

There was even a separate sandbox.

I think a mom designed this playground!

adaptive swing

The adaptive swing had a bar that went over the top to latch on. I didn’t try it out today. But, it was under some very nice trees.

The Big Kids playground at Coffinger Park

playground coffinger park

The big kids playground at Coffinger Park is very nice! I don’t quite understand the gray climbing feature. But, there are tons of different things to climb, hang off of, and slide down!

grey thing to climb coffinger park

The grey climbing apparatus just seems like a bad idea, and I have three kids who climb everything. But, that’s ok! There are lots of great things to climb at this park!

spinning coffinger park

The spinning and climbing apparatus is just awesome. I love how it increases the daredevil factor for some kids!

toddler playground

And, for the littler ones, there is a smaller, less daring version! still, with tons of climbing, sliding and interesting feats for littles!



I loved the pavilion that Coffinger Park had! This was HUGE! what a wonderful space. There were bathrooms attached to it and it was just large enough to hold many huge families!

skate park coffinger park

Coffinger Park also had a nice skate park. I don’t know much about skating, so it had ramps, and bars. We will go with that. Check it out!

tennis courts

Tennis courts were also available, far away from parking and the pavilion.

Pool Coffinger park

And, the lovely pool at Coffinger Park as well. There is a zero entry area, a lap area, and of course the slide. I loved how there is a grassy area with shade for people to lounge as well as chairs everywhere. It looked like it would be a very nice area for families in the summer!

Coffinger Park is definitely a great place to check out if you are in Wickenburg!

The Basics

Coffinger Park

175 Swilling Ave, Wickenburg, AZ 85390

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