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Code Ninjas Scottsdale

Code Ninjas in Scottsdale is one of the fastest growing Franchisees in the country!

Do you have a coder on your hands? A kid who really likes computers but wants to know how to make them work?

Coding is now a really cool endeavor for kids as young as preschoolers. Code Ninjas brings 7-14 year olds a cool place to hang out, make friends, solve problems and make cool projects. I was happy to meet with the owner, Jason, who is really making coding cool.

Since my husband is a coder for WordPress, our son, Munchie, really has loved learning about what “Dad does”. He took a small coding class at the library, but he was hungry to learn more. While schools are offering coding classes, it may not be enough for kids who yearn to learn more. Coding is a part of so many things that many technologies possible, so its great for kids to get a start on it and keep going

Coding is very mainstreamed and is included in many STEM (science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and has even been considered as being offered as a “foreign language”. Having the skills to code at an early age will also help with problem solving skills and logic skills. Coding is a part of so many things that many technologies possible, so its great for kids to get a start on it and keep going. Code Ninjas creates a fun space for kids to learn more while having fun.

code ninjas outside

Code Ninjas is located at 14891 N Northsight Blvd, Ste 129 in Scottsdale (right off the Raintree exit off of 101). There is lots of retail shops and services in the area as well. Code Ninjas specializes in Drop in Programs, Date Night care for kids and Summer camps! The location is perfect for the busy parent who may need to run a few errands while their child is busy learning!

As I mentioned, Code Ninjas is a franchise. There are over 100 locations in the United States and growing! Code Ninjas is Headquarters are in Texas. At the Headquarters, there is a whole team that constantly develops new and exciting curriculum based on new trends in technology.

Waiting and kid friendly area at code ninjas

A cute area with building blocks and chargers for parents who are waiting to pick up their older children.

code ninja welcome

The Welcome desk at Code Ninjas and where kids and parents sign in and sign up.

code ninja waiting area

A TV, Coffee area and snacks for parents who are waiting! The cabinet on the left shows the progress of the students (they just opened, so no one is displayed!). As in a martial arts program, students receive “belts” (actually wristbands) with their color that show what goals they have met. All students start off as a white wristband.

wristband code ninja

These are the bracelets/wristbands for each “belt” color. The wristband also has a chip that allows the child to check in at the front desk when they come in for drop in programs.

waiting area code ninjas

The waiting area for parents and the classroom. Parents can see what their children are learning!

Code Ninjas Classroom

The Code Ninja Classroom with comfortable chairs, whiteboards for learning and computers. The desks are made for kids to be able to create and collaborate together.

In the front of the room is a community area. Hands on Stem activities will be provided there to help encourage collaboration and community.


All three of my kiddos got to control robots by using Kindle Fire tablets. I loved How “Sensei” Dylan, one of the teachers and a recent graduate from high school, interacted with the kids. Most of the teachers, called “Sensei”s (under Jason’s direction) will be in high school or college. Not only is this an amazing opportunity for the high schoolers and recent graduates to get hands on teaching experience, it also bridges the gap for age range and make learning coding different than an actual classroom. While they kids are learning and teaching, it almost feels like a mentoring system instead of a normal classroom.

community table code ninjas

Here you see Jason having fun as well as the kids. And check out those cute Ninjas behind my kids as well!

Sensei Dylan working with the kids on computers at code ninjasWhile I was having an amazing chat with Jason about his background (Computer technology, Accounting and more) and his family, Sensei Dylan had all three of my kiddos put together their own games, using coding!

Munchie is obsessed with everything baseball, so he made a baseball game.

Dimples is obsessed with airplanes and when we get to go on one next, so he made an airplane flying through his bedroom. I hope that is not foreshadowing!!

And Giggles made princesses at the North Pole with a Gingerbread house. I don’t know why, but let the imagination run wild.

Students are able to come up with their own games, and once they reach higher levels of coding, Code Ninjas works with the students to not only make their own original game or project, but Code Ninjas will also help the students market it and sell it! How cool is that? A business that not only teaches kids how to make something, but also helps them make money off of their projects!

Girls can Code

And its is always nice to get a family photo when one kid is looking at the camera!  I Love that they also had a prop set for the kids to hold up items. This is a great way to encourage fun and learning once the kids meet a task, either by themselves or with new friends.

I really love the community that coding is making. As you may know, my husband and I spoke at a WordCamp conference in Phoenix in February of 2018. Long ago, I used to do HTML coding and my husband stumbled his way back into coding websites (on WordPress) and loves it. Coding is much more than just making games and websites-it truly is the language of the future. With Coding, many different problems can be solved, as long as you know how to work through the code. My husband loves having a community around him that he can bounce ideas off of when he is coding, and kids should have the same opportunity. An atmosphere of learning and fun is what you feel at Code Ninjas.

Code Ninjas has camps, drop in Programs, monthly date night care for kids. These programs are also great for homeschoolers too!

The Basics

Code Ninjas Scottsdale

14891 N Northsight Blvd Ste 129

Scottsdale, AZ




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