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Code Ninjas-Camps

Code Ninjas in Scottsdale has amazing camps and classes that are offered to students ages 8-14.

Computers are a big part of our family’s life. My husband has been a website and software developer for many years, and I have dabbled in HTML websites. Our oldest, Munchie (8) has been interested in what “dad does”, so when we had the opportunity to do a camp in Scottsdale at Code Ninjas we knew it was meant to be.

code ninjas camp


Code Ninjas is not a place to sit at a computer all day and grind away-it is a true social community with fun programs on and off of a computer. I would check in on Facebook during the day and see what activities my son was doing.

If you haven’t read our review of the location, space and idea of Code Ninjas in general, please read this post I wrote a few months prior to Munchie doing a camp.

We were greeted every morning by Jason and his team of Senseis, which are the teachers/mentors of the classes. Most of the Senseis are either in high school or college and love coding and doing computer/electronics things themselves. Instead of an ordinary classroom setting where learning is top down, the learning is more circular. Both the senseis and students (ninjas) learn from each other. There is sometimes where it is more “classroom” type learning, but with lots of fun interactions and games.  You can see this class period for the Beginning Javascript camp.

The Ninjas worked with their senseis to complete different projects throughout the week. Each project built on their previous knowledge. Since Munchie was on the younger end of the group, his projects were a little simpler than those who were older. The goal is to make the kids feel that they are accomplishing something and have them feel confident about the tasks. The “ninjas” are also encouraged to help each other out with projects.

Munchie stayed at the camp from 9-4, but the camp wasn’t just about the computers! Instead, the Ninjas did fun projects like working with robots that were controlled by Kindles, and fun team activities like this cup activity.


Mornings were generally for computer projects and afternoons were for team building, extra coding help, fun projects off the computer and socialization. One of the Ninjas even had a birthday, and owner Jason was kind enough to get a cake and celebrate with the entire class. It was truly sweet (and so was the cake!).

On the last day of the camp, I got to sit down with Munchie and his sensei to go over what he learned during the camp. He learned quite a few things I don’t know hot to do-like creating pieces that move, spin, rotate and bounce!

Munchie made things spin at Code Ninjas in Scottsdale.

Making some “locks” at Code Ninjas in Scottsdale

Code Ninjas has different programs and each is really suited to the kids’ continued learning. During the year, there are after-school drop-in programs, date night programs (mom and dad can go enjoy a night out while the kids play and learn), Saturday special classes and drop-in programs and camps during school breaks.

Jason, owner of Code Ninjas in Scottsdale, has created an amazing program in his Code Ninja’s location. When I would go to pick up Munchie in the afternoons, a few students who were waiting for their afternoon programs greeted me at the door with a warm welcome, asking how they could help and excitingly telling me about what they were about to do. Snacks were out in the main entry for kids to pick up if they were hungry. Even siblings could take advantage of these snacks (as my kids did). The lobby/waiting area had charging areas and wifi for parents who wished to stay while their child was in class, or they could run a few errands. The kids were super excited to be learning, building friendships and creating new things.

This summer, Jason offered a Javascript class, Roblox, Minecraft Create and Game Builders Club. These camps will most likely be repeated in the future with more fun like Drones and more! Code Ninjas corporate is constantly working on new camps and ideas, so make sure you check out the Code Ninjas site for more information and options on camps and classes!

The Basics

Code Ninjas-Scottsdale

14891 N Northsite Blvd, Scottsdale (101 And Raintree Blvd)

other locations in the valley opening soon.

We received a complimentary day camp. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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