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We went to City Skate with all of our children in 2019! It was so nice, now that all of our children are old enough to skate (and walk!) to come back to this place we came to a few years ago.

Not much has changed since our first review. However, we did notice that there were people filming some type of movie or music video while we were skating, so that was interesting to watch!

My husband has his own skates, but the rest of us had the rentals. The skates were easy to put on and were velcro! There were lots of places to sit and put on our skates. Lockers were available but there were no locks this time. Either bring your own lock or carry your purse with you. We just put all of our shoes in a locker.

In the middle of the skating area was a beautiful tree. It was decorated differently than the last time we visited. Plus, there was a nice place to sit too. It was metal, so it really took a beating. Here is my family sitting!

Dimples was really getting his sweat on! He was really enjoying skating and enjoying his time and needed only a short sleeve shirt. The area was so nicely decorated.

A staff member was skating around the rink helping unfortunate people who didn’t know how to skate well who fell and kept traffic moving as well. We really enjoyed our time at City Skate and look forward to making it a tradition for our whole family!

Our 2015 Review

My husband and I took our oldest son for a surprise trip to go Ice Skating for his birthday. We had brought him to lessons when he was three and four, so he had some previous experience with the ice.

We found City Skate through Groupon, and the three of us got in for about $20. Without the discount it would have been about $45.

Cityskate is located between Washington Street and Jefferson Street, and between S 1st Ave and Central Ave. Central Ave is closed off between Jefferson and Washington Streets for Cityskate.

Santa was also hanging out (almost literally because they have him on a platform on the stairs near the Squid Ink Sushi bar!) and available for pictures.

Where to get skates

There is a little log cabin looking building where you go to check in and pay. There was a pretty sizeable line about 15 minutes before the opening on Sunday (which is 3 pm). If you want to get the most bang for your buck or don’t like crowds, you will want to get there early before the  lights go on. The lights weren’t lit up during the day, which I’m sorry we missed. However, my kids go to bed early and I didn’t want to try something physically challenging for them at night!

2015-11-29-14.49.30This was the little “cabin” which was near Washington St. The price also includes skate rental. You can also bring your own skates if you have them. For the littler ones, all of the skates were double blades (kind of looks like an old fashioned sled). It helps them keep their balance a little better. We weren’t given an option on the blades. The boots were fairly modern and looked more like the inline skate boots.


There were also lockers available for free. Bring your own combo or key lock. They are offered if you trade your keys for your car. (no thanks!) We took our chances with our shoes, but kept other things at home.

There were two port o potty’s near the rink. I don’t know what condition they were in, but many passers by were also using the lonely two that were there. There are restaurants and shops nearby, but I don’t think they would be too accommodating for the skating crowd (just fyi!).


The beautiful tree was in the middle with a bench to sit down on (and take pictures!). Traffic was sort of flowing counter clockwise around this point. The rink was sort of like a shape of a wristwatch. The bands were where a lot of people were learning how to skate, and the middle was where people were going faster or sitting. Somewhat of a bottle neck in the middle!

There were plenty of benches to get your shoes on and off, as well as a rubberized mat for walking on to get to the rink.

If you have never skated before, I’m going to say this probably isn’t the event for you. Getting around all the crowds, then trying to get up and down the two stairs to the rink and adding in that there were places the ice was melting and uneven and then pretty much destroyed after an hour and a half. It’s very pretty and if you are adventurous, go for it. If you are a new skater or need to brush up on the basics, I highly suggest a local rink first! If you have little ones under 5, I wouldn’t recommend it either. The wait was uncomfortable for our six year old, and we were waiting right by Washington St with cars racing by.

Parking: We parked in a lot across from Talking Stick Arena (E Jefferson and 2nd Street), There was also a parking garage even closer just past E Jefferson and 1st street headed west (towards Central Ave).

The Basics

CitySkate and CityScape

Central Ave and Washington St

Phoenix, AZ

November 28th, 2015 -January 11th 2016

Monday-Friday-11:30am-1:30pm &5pm-11pm

Saturday and Sunday 3pm-11pm

Christmas Even-11:30am-6pm

Christmas Day-5pm-11pm

New Year’s Day 11:30am-5pm

Santa @ CityScape Saturdays 12-5pm, Sundays 2-6pm





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