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Chuparosa Park Chandler

Chuparosa Park in Chandler has a small splash ground, large shaded playground and a restroom. Chuparosa also has a large parking area, walking trails, multipurpose fields and , ramadas, swings and beach volleyball courts too!

The splashpad is a very basic one with just a few features. It is somewhat shaded by trees and is concrete. If you have a little one, they will probably like the Chuparosa Park Splashpad

Chuparosa Park

Lots of beautiful trees in Chuparosa Park.

REstrooms and benches chuparosa park

The bathrooms were the usual park restrooms, but I call a restroom a plus! Dimples here is holding the seat down! HA!

Swings at Chuparosa Park

Lots of swings at Chuparosa park for big kids and babies!

chuparosa park dramatic play


toddler part chuparosa

The Toddler part of the playground was combined with the big kids playground. It’s not one of my favorite combinations, so be wary of the littlest ones at this part of Chuparosa Park. I personally like having them separated. There are a few drops for the little ones on the toddler side, like climbing the bars right in the front of the picture. I almost fell down because I went straight towards it when coming from the big kids side.

monkey bars

There were a lot of different climbing obstacles for kids as well!

slides galore chuparosa park

And lots and lots of different slides for big kids and little ones too!

and the crazy slide!

And there was this crazy slide! Bumpy or windy, but only good for kids butts! Trust me on this one!

Chuparosa park has a lot of features. I think this park is really good for the 7 and under crowd. Lots of greenspace and not a busy area made this a quiet park.

The Basics

Chuparosa Park

2400 S Dobson Rd Chandler

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