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Chuck E Cheese-Goodyear

I am a collector of Groupons, Coupons and any other money saving measure I can take, so when I saw a deal on Chuck E Cheese coins that never expires, I grabbed the deal.

I only had Dimples with me on Labor Day, so it was a perfect time to have some mommy and little kid bonding at Chuck E Cheese. The last time I had gone to Chuck E Cheese was when Munchie was 2 and we lived in Connecticut, so it had been quite a while!

The Chuck E Cheese in Goodyear was not the easiest place to find (I of course thought it was somewhere else completely so I didn’t put on my GPS for quite a while. I “knew” where it was. SMH!). The Chuck e Cheese is off of McDowell Rd in the Palm Valley Cornerstone plaza. There is an entrance to Palm Valley Cornerstone off of N Palm Valley Blvd (then take West Cornerstone Boulevard and then go south on Cornerstone Blvd, that is the easiest way to get to the Chuck E Cheese), or you can go through the main entrance to the plaza that has a strange roundabout. Chuck E Cheese is the most west unit in the shopping center.


There is lots of parking in this lot, and the end of the shopping center was not very busy.

Chuck e Cheese implemented a “safety” measure years ago that tags each child with an adult with a black light stamp with corresponding numbers. Unfortunately, the staff is running all around and while there is a camera pointed at the door, if I really needed to leave and there wasn’t an attendant there, I’m not sure what would stop a kid or parent from leaving. I think they mean well, but without a dedicated person doing this, it is very hard to manage.

When you arrive the menu board and coin board is all right in front. Very similar to Peter Piper Pizza . I didn’t see another place to get coins other than a machine, so if you want to order food or coins, right by the entrance was the best place. I did notice a great sign about military ID bonus coins though.

Woo hoo, free coins for Military!

The staff was super nice. Honestly, each one of them was wonderful. I had a little issue redeeming my Groupon so it took a while, but they were all very courteous. Unfortunately, the staff was also manning the door situation so what could have taken a few minutes took about 15 for us to check in because they had to check people in and out.

The salad bar is right near the entrance too. Honestly, this always makes me shudder. I love salad, but the thought of my food being in the main area as coins going in machines, grabby hands and a slight sneeze bar (it was not enough) made me veer away from the food.

The Chuck e Cheese had LOTS of games for littles to play. And, there was tons of booths and seating throughout the restaurant. 

Lots of games everywhere. Most of them were working, or staff was attending them to put in new paper or coins.

Dimples LOVED having his own cup of coins to himself!

Ride on games too! A Little too big for my guy, but in case you have bigger kids!

The salad bar, front entrance, and ticket redemption (prizes)

I have no idea about this game, but he liked it!

Toddler and preschool sized games.

One of our favorite games. We usually are able to get a high score, but not this day!

The line up of the little kid games, against the east most wall.

A Random clock ride…Dimples didn’t try it.

The stage and all the birthday party seating. The Chuck E Cheese Mouse was moving but wasn’t singing. I know that they used to have someone dressed as the mouse that would come out every once in a while, but we didn’t see that either. Dimples wasn’t too upset, but just went up to the robotic mouse and kind of stared at it. The birthday party tables were pretty messy, and it looked like most of the parties had left quiet a while before we arrived, but they weren’t being attended to. There was food all over the floor and tables and chairs, which was kind of unappetizing to walk past. The staff was nice, hurrying and scurrying to get things done and work with their customers, but it definitely seemed like they were short staffed on a holiday weekend.

A view of the place from the “preschool play” wall.


We don’t know what we were doing with this game! Oh well!

Dimples won quite a few tickets, which conveniently got placed in my pocketbook. What would I do without my huge pocketbook? The staff doesn’t take your tickets at the prize counter. Instead, there are ticket redemption machines that you feed the tickets into. It is MUCH easier if you can keep them in a long stream of tickets and not have to feed them one by one into the machine. And it is easier for parents to do all of the ticket feeding.

We won a crazy 166 tickets and received two gummy rings for that! Haha. It is all about the memories.

We had a fun time at Chuck E Cheese, but wished that a few things were changed-the location of the salad bar, the cleanliness of the tables and the check in/out process or staffing in general.

The Basics

Chuck E Cheese Goodyear

13371 W McDowell Rd




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