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Christmas in Color-Goodyear AZ

Christmas lights are one of my favorite things to check out. Our family has called it a “cheery” drive for the past few years. When I heard that Christmas in Color was coming to Goodyear back at Halloween, I couldn’t wait to check it out!


The entrance to Christmas in Color is not right at the ball field where you enter for their usual events. It is actually the exit for the whole show! There were a few signs and a lit up traffic sign with info, but just in case you miss those, I’ll explain.

You will actually go South of the ballpark and turn onto Lower Buckeye Road from S Estrella. At Wood Blvd, you will turn left. There were people pointing the way with little “light saber” looking traffic directors. Unfortunately with all the lights, it was hard to see their light wands. There were traffic cones as well. I highly recommend just driving slow and you’ll find your way. There is a little temporary building that you will drive up to and staff will come out to either scan your phone or take your ticket. You can purchase tickets there, but It’s more expensive. Groupon has a great deal on the tickets-I highly suggest it!

We selected a 6:30-7:00 start time but arrived a few minutes early. They didn’t make us wait and just waived us through. The staff made a max amount of cars per time slot so that there wouldn’t be overcrowding, which was nice. They also had a four lane queue, but there weren’t too many cars there. Payment is per car, so you can stuff as many people in (legally) to get the most for your buck! Many people were also riding in pick up truck beds.

When you start out on the drive, you will south of the ball field and you will also go behind and around the ballpark. Also, make sure you tune the radio to the station they give you. The lights go along with the music. Some of it was gravel and some was paved. It was easy to follow the directions of where to go by following the lights guiding you on either side. There were a few tight turns but our minivan handled it well. You will also need to drive with your lights off or just parking lights, which a few people forgot to do!

The music was a fun selection of old favorites and newer choices. My kids really had a lot of fun singing along with the music and having a little car dance party and we got some nice pictures. It wasn’t crowded so we were able to go very slow without holding everyone up.

Prices depend on what time you go and if you pay ahead of time. They also are having a $10 off per car deal if you go between 9 and 10:30pm every night!



The Basics

Christmas in Color-Goodyear

1933 S Ballpark Way, but enter from Lower Buckeye Rd


We received complimentary admission. All opinions are 100% my own.


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