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Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Floor 3

Have you read about Floor 1 or Floor 2 Yet?

Onto the third floor of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix in the last installment of my three part series! Yes, three parts because there is just so much fun that is contained in this building!

Here is a Map of the whole building so you know where everything is. We didn’t take a map the first time we visited and missed the third floor entirely!

If you are coming up the side stairs, you will see the Place for under Threes on your left. It is a shoe free zone, so there is an area to put your shoes and stroller outside of the gate. A “playologist” will be waiting inside the gate to make sure that everyone is following the rules. There is a little (and I mean little) area for big brother or big sister to hang out while the little kids are enjoying their freedom.



Munchie was fenced in in the “big kid zone”. It is a very small area, but has a few books and puzzles and a great view of airplanes!



A nice huge area with a lot of benches for parents to sit and enjoy playing along.


Practicing stairs and using a small slide is great for gross muscle development. Underneath the slide is a great crawl through space too.


Giggles had a great time playing pretend

And SlidingIMG_4350Dimples had a great time with the freedom to crawl around without someone running him over
IMG_4352And don’t forget playing “mom” with babies.

I highly recommend having more than one adult for your children if you have younger ones that might enjoy the under three room. Munchie got bored quickly being in the “big kid zone” since he knew there was so much more to explore. There are other places in the museum that are great for all the kids (plus, most rooms have a “baby zone” for those who are still crawling!), but sometimes dividing and conquering the children works so that everyone has a good time.

Alright, that was just the area for the “under three” crowd, and there is still so much more to explore!

The Noodle Forest is Munchie’s favorite.


All the Noodle forest is is pool noodles strung up from the ceiling! It is super fun and easy to get lost! The little ones seem to make it through so much faster than the moms and dads do. There are also “playologists” helping out by the Noodle Forest in case someone gets lost or to remind the kids to walk. You can also see the Climber from the third floor as well.

In the hallway on the third floor are tons of different dramatic play opportunities.


The Drums. I had a fun time playing on them. I’ve even seen the staff get involved with the kids on the drums. And there is a nice mirror for the kids to check themselves out!


An Ice Cream Stand


A Hot Dog Stand.

There is also a “flower garden”, some musical pipes to hit and something that looks like a glockenspiel. And

On the Third floor there is also the Market where the kids can act out a grocery store experience. It is fantastic. The kids have a blast acting out different jobs they have seen in the grocery store.



kitchen and grocery store

A checkout area (I personally love listening to the kids tell each other how much they owe. One child said to Munchie “you have a lot of coupons, I think you get everything free now.”)
IMG_4289This is a great area to measure and weigh lentils.

IMG_3852 IMG_3853These are drawers to pull out to smell different spices. So neat!

IMG_3858 IMG_3860

Next to the market (and its an adjoining room that your children can run to while they are in the market) is the “Texture Cafe”. There are lots of opportunities to act out a restaurant experience. And, there are tons of different items hanging from the ceiling made out of silverware!

IMG_3565 IMG_4285This is the Grand Ballroom, which is also attached to the Texture cafe. There are a lot of different opportunities for the children to let balls roll down different inclines to see what will happen. There is even a “treehouse” where children can drop balls from”.

IMG_3861 IMG_3862 IMG_3863At the end of the hallway is “Ian’s Corner” which has all types of vehicles to climb on, dramatic play with, or build and race down a “highway”. The kids love playing in this corner, and there is usually a bit of a line to ride the motorcycle and fill it up with gas!

the grand ballroom

I love that the grand ballroom now has stairs going up to the ball drop! YAY! It used to be a ladder which was hard for the kiddos. The rungs of the staircase are even lined with balls! Awesome detail!

There will also be a puppet theater behind the noodle forest, so look for that soon in 2018!

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is full of great things to explore for all ages, and I truly have a blast and find something new every time we visit. From reading their website, it looks like they will continue to expand into the unfinished parts of the building. I highly encourage you to visit the website and check out all the information they have on their site. Also posted is their schedule of field trips so you know if the museum will be busy on the day you plan to go (field trip days can be extremely hectic.)

The Basics
The Children’s Museum of Phoenix
215 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ



**This post has been updated but still has relevant information from 2014-2018!



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