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Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Floor 2

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is just so big that I have split up my review into three parts. If you’d like to see the first floor, here it is!

And, most importantly, is the Map of the Children’s Museum! This will help you navigate the huge museum.

Floor two is just as amazing as the first floor, if not more so! There are two elevators that will take you up to the second level, but I highly suggest ditching the stroller for the museum and walking up the flights of stairs. The wait lines for the elevators can be long, and who wants to wait when there is more exploring to do?!

The large wooden stairs lead you right up to a huge mirror wall with donors on it. And, a friendly staff member/playologist that is directing traffic and making sure parents are with their children as they head up. If you bear right, a bathroom will be to your right.

IMG_4286 IMG_4287I love how they have sinks of different heights in the bathroom and a changing station in each one. On the third floor and first floor there are also nursing areas so you don’t have to nurse in the bathrooms!


Outside of the bathroom on the second floor is this neat game! I liken it to plinko for kids. There are even step stools so the little ones can reach the top, or not if they don’t care to!


At this end of the hallway is a little “bike wash”.There are trikes and trikes with seats on the back and little scooting vehicles that kids can ride through the “wash” (there is no water involved). It is lots of fun for all the kids.


Inside the “Building Big/Forts” room is this cute little mailbox/house combo. Munchie and Giggles had a great time opening and closing the boxes.


And there is the treehouse where you can climb up and stack foam blocks or hang blankets to make a cool fort. I have always seen a “playologist” helping the kids figure out how to get the blankets in the loops and to make sure everyone is safe as well.

And, one of the most important things to know-Where to get FOOD! This lovely cafeteria has a lot of different and healthy food choices available for purchase.

You can also get outside to the amazing play area and garden which was made in the past year!

play areas outside

The play area outside is not always open (when it is too hot it is locked) but there are a lot of fun activities available and even gardening classes! I loved the huge tube. It’s all connected and Giggles had a blast going in it.

There are also classrooms (you can schedule classes online or by phone, they usually cost extra) and an art studio where children can make their own crafts. We actually haven’t been in to use the art studio yet, but there are so many projects going on in there when I have peeked in.

You might also see electrical plugs around the museum as well. When I saw one in the distance, I was actually concerned that it didn’t have the plastic protector in it to prevent little fingers from jamming into the socket. I got up close and took this picture! Phew!


There is also a new edition to the second floor- a kitchen and huge area. Children and parents can take drop in kitchen and cooking classes . The kitchen is truly beautiful. Giggles and I did a cookie and ice cream class. Usually, cooking classes are a little bit cheaper if you are a member.

the kitchen

If you head toward the end of the hall there will be a flight of stairs headed up to the third floor. The first time we visited we didn’t even realize there was a third floor.



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