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Have you ever thought Chickens were cute? Or wondered if the chicken or the egg came first?

Join us on our discovery of Chickens!

Chicken Facts

  • Chickens are the most common birds on earth!
  • There are 19 billion chickens on earth
  • Hens (female chickens) are kept for eggs and meat all over the world
  • Each hen looks over her own brook (family of chicks) and sometimes lives in little houses called “coops”
  • Chickens have a pecking order”
  • Chickens will rule over each other, which one will have food first and first choice in nest.
  • Domesticated chickens are often given Chicken feed-like grain
  • Wild chicken are able to eat mice, insects and grain
  • Chickens are sensitive to water deficiency
  • not all chickens are the same color
  • Chickens have been used for fighting against each other
  • Chickens can fly
  • Chickens can be induced into a hypnotic state by drawing a straight line in front of their beaks. They are in a fear induced state. They can be motionless for 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Rooster is a male chicken
  • Chick is a girl or boy chicken

Chicken Jokes for Kids

Chicken Jokes for Kids


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