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Chestnutt Park Scottsdale

As we were looking up all of the splash pads we could hit on the east side of the valley, we found Chestnutt Park just down the street from Agua Linda Park.

This Park is located at Camelback and North Granite Reef Road. But, what is really amusing is that it is across from “Minnezona” road. I have a feeling some people from Minnesota migrated to Arizona here!

The welcoming palm trees at this park just said “Hello tropical summer” to me. This was one of the things that encouraged my husband and I to move to Arizona. I know the palm trees aren’t local, but they sure are nice. Especially when there is a nice breeze.

Parking was off street in a small lot. Chestnutt Park is in an older section of Scottsdale, but the park looks like it was newly refurbished and pretty well maintained. The ramadas were very nice and helped with the shade. Bathrooms were available too, so Chestnutt Park gets a thumbs up from me!

chestnutt park

Other large trees surrounded the park as well and there was tons of greenspace. There were baby swings, but not under the shade and not near the toddler playground that was under the shade. These things baffle me as a blogger that writes about playgrounds. The cities really need to have a mom involved in planning these things!

The toddler playground was nicely situated under the shade that was humongous! there was a mix of sand and rubberized ground. Playground equipment was super clean and colorful, and encouraging kids to come and play. Unfortunately, it was about 100 degrees and my kids just wanted the splashpad.

chestnutt park toddler

The other side of the toddler playground had a little stair stepper rock wall thing and the talking tubes too.

However, if you are a big kid-no shade for you! Enjoy the hot sun. And some rubber, but not too much. I don’t quite understand this either. But, the playground equipment was very nice and in great condition. The tunnels sort of looked like a tongue or a fish tail. I’m not sure which. What d you think?

chestnutt park slides

The big kid playground had a lots of slides. No lack of sliding down here!

The Splashpad

chestnutt park splash

As great as the playground area was, the splashpad was lacking. Lacking a lot in care and in how it was working. Some buttons worked, some buttons you had to hold. There were some older kids at the splashpad who kind of gave my kids a tutorial on which ones were working and which ones wer not. Each device had its own button. Which, in some ways made sense, but it was also not as much for for the kids. You can see in the picture that a lot of the paint is coming off of the splashpad parts.

chesnutt park

There was also this rock formation thing at the park. My kids loved climbing on it, and there was a “rock slide” in the middle. There was also a lot of sand. This rock formation with all the sand was right next to the splashpad, which meant that kids were taking the sand to the splashpad and clogging up the filters. Once again, not great planning at all. Sand and splashpads do not mix, especially because of drainage and reuse of water! I would suggest that any park that has a splashpad should not have sand. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m being a Scrooge. But, the splashpads usually have their own water filtration system on site and sand is just a huge hit to the system.

I was happy that we did find a splashpad in Scottsdale on our trip, but unfortunately, this was not a wonderful one. The playground was lovely however! If you are looking for a very nice playground with bathrooms and palm trees, this gets a thumbs up. The splashpad, not so much. Head over to Scottsdale Quarter if you are looking for one in Scottsdale.

The Basics

Chestnutt Park Scottsdale

4565 N Granite Reef Road

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