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Chase Field

If you have thought about going to a baseball game with your kids and wondered “Will there be enough to keep them occupied to make the game worth it?”, our review is here to save the day!

Outside of chase field statue with children

Chase Field is located at the corner of Jefferson Street and 7th Street. Chase field seats over 48,000 people, so during baseball games, the city is full of people. It is the fourth largest in the United States based on seating capacity and can be all enclosed when the dome is closed! Chase Field has also gone by other names throughout the years, and is currently named after JP Morgan Chase.

Finding parking during ball games depends on the day, time and if there are other events going on. We went on a Sunday afternoon so there was relatively no traffic and there were no other events, so parking was plentiful. You can expect to pay between $15-$50 to park in a lot or garage. Expect to walk a half mile or more to get to the stadium or be dropped off. I’m sure there is premium valet parking, but we did not check that out.

Also, make sure that you check out what you can and cannot bring into the stadium! You do not want to have to walk all the way back to your car with something you cannot bring in!

The view as we walked into the stadium was just amazing! The field is huge, and it seems impossible that a building could be this large with this many seats. Oh, by the way, I walked around this thing FOUR times while I was here. I didn’t see much of the game.

When purchasing tickets, you can pick out your seats. We were fortunate enough to have tickets right behind the visitors’ dugout (YAY RedSox!).

But, if you are a parent with a child 60″ and under, you might want to know about the Kids Club and the Sandlot! The Kids Club is a free program with prizes and privileges for attending games. Fans 15 years and younger can join the club. Plus, Sundays kids can run the bases, and kids can earn a free Sunday home ticket.

And, as you are waiting in line to get your prizes, mom, dad and kids can still watch the game on TV.

The Play Areas

The Sandlot has areas for kids to also let out their wiggles. No need to wait for the 7th inning with the Sandlot at Chase Field!


These two playscapes were in the same green space next to the Kids Club at Chase Field. With fake green grass and some padding, it allowed kids 48″ and smaller (but 3 years old and older) to run and play. There was a 10 minute limit per rotation and kids could get back in line and run around again, however, the line was cut off at the 7th inning.

The 48″ rule is strictly enforced. No siblings can go in with younger siblings and shoes need to be taken off. The staff was amazing. Two energetic guys ran the kids area and encouraged the kids to walk and not go up the slides. They also helped kids find parents if the children wanted to leave before the ten minutes was up. When the ten minutes was up, parents walked into the play area and retrieved their children. There was as shoe rack inside of the play area, but I just held onto my kiddos shoes and we put them on outside of the play area.

For kids over 48″ but less than 60″, there is a wiffle ball court for kids to practice their batting. I was afraid Munchie would hit them too hard, and he was into the game, so he didn’t check this area out.

And, for kids younger than 3, there was this fun area for kids to play. Unfortunately, parents couldn’t really see the game from here. It was also guarded by staff. There is an over look to the game, but you would need to go closer to the edge to see the game. There are televisions in different places around this floor so you can try and catch a glimpse of the game. While we were on this floor the Red Sox hit a home run. I missed it!

view of chase field

The view of the field from the play area.

There is also one food vendor up on this floor in case you get hungry, or in case your little one needs a snack break from all the fun they are having! I’m sure they will want snacks!

And, of course there are bathrooms!

The elevators to this floor are huge and have people manning them to help push buttons and do crowd control. The service at Chase Field was excellent and the staff was very friendly. It does get VERY busy. I was lucky to take pictures when we first arrived, which was about an hour and a half before the first pitch. There were very few people in the stadium at that time, but about an hour before the stadium was quite full.

Chase Field has a lot of different food vendors, so you will NOT be hungry. From Ice cream, to hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, fried foods, junk foods, and popular baseball faire, you will find it all. There are also lots of bathrooms as well. I did walk around the stadium FOUR times and I certainly got my steps in.

The stadium was quite warm and it was a 95 degree day. Although the rood was closed, and the air conditioning was on, the lights seemed to make it warmer. I encourage people to dress in light clothing especially during the day. There are lots of people who will make it very warm inside!

I really enjoyed the stadium and the kids had a lot of fun, even if my youngest did not watch most of the game!

The Basics

Chase Field

401 E Jefferson St

Phoenix, AZ

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