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Chandler Fashion Mall

As I start to write this, I hear the forecasters saying its going to be 111 today. So, the Chandler Fashion Mall could be the perfect outing (inside) for your wee ones.

My husband and I packed up the car to go over to Chandler to check out the mall. I was amazed at how new, clean and COOL this mall was. The ceilings are high are white and bright, and there were large walkways. And they have a Cheesecake Factory..mmmmm. Maybe next time we will go there. I love Cheesecake Factory!

We actually entered the mall through the entrance by the Cheesecake Factory, but the Barnes and Noble is the closest entrance to the mall if you want to get directly to the play area.


The Barnes and Noble’s has toys too-so be careful if you don’t want to make a purchase. I didn’t enter the Barnes and Nobles in this mall-but a lot of them have a play area too. Next trip I will check that out for YOU! They also have Storytime at the Barnes and Noble’s if you are looking for an outing as well.

The Chandler Mall also has the Kid’s Club on Wednesday’s at ten am at the Gap Wing. The Kid’s Club is put on by National Geographic and we actually checked it out at the Arrowhead Mall a few weeks ago. You can see my review here. The themes of the Kid’s Club are always changing, and MOMS and DADS can win a free gift! Wow!


We checked out the children’s area, but we did take a quick trip to the food court to use the bathrooms first. No one wants to have to drag the child away from the playing area to use the bathroom! There was one family bathroom (Oh how I wish there were more!) and there was a changing area in the women’s bathroom. There were lots of family friendly fast food restaurants in the food court as well.



There was a small area for the little babies that I thought was great.


Dimples thought so too. I was happy that he was able to crawl around safely in the small area. The big kids were mostly occupied in the other part where all the climbing things were.


The butterfly was a favorite place for the kids to climb.


The letters blocks were fun to climb on and jump off of, and the car was fun to steer and drive. There was a lot of seating for adults on the inside and the outside of the walls of the play area.


Giggles wanted to demonstrate the little rocketship that was in the “tots” area.


The “fort” was the hot spot for the kids. It seemed like the kids loved to climb up the slide and roll down the slide. And the little fence on the side provided great access to get up to the roof of the fort to sit on the tire on the roof. Watch out-the little boys really seemed to like to do this and then jump off!


The Bus was also a favorite of all the kids. You can see Munchie climbing on the outside of the bus. There was a slide inside of the bus and a tunnel to crawl through underneath.

The Chandler Fashion Mall was very clean and well kept, but be warned that the kids play area on the weekends is extremely busy. It’s a small area (smaller than some of the other malls in the area), but definitely worth a visit. There is also a kids train on the first floor that we heard chug by as we were headed out!

The Basics

Chandler Fashion Center-map of inside the mall

3111 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 812-8488



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