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RedForEd Teacher Walkout April 26th 2018


  The teachers have been speaking with the governor and the government to have more funding for schools and higher salaries. While Governor Ducey has made promises to fund education and increase pay by 20% by the year 2020, a majority of teachers would like to see this happen sooner and see more. RedForED will…

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Kids and Heat

Kids and heat tips and tricks

In the Phoenix Area, it can get dangerously hot outside. The temperature can easily get into the 90s by mid morning, so it is important to know some safety for Kids during the Heat! First, I do want point out our post about pool safety! Whether or not you have a pool in your yard,…

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Summer Fun at Home!

Stay at home fun

Sometimes leaving the house during the summer can be impossible. Between heat, summer sickenesses and dust storms, staying home can be enjoyable! Here are a few ways to keep you and your kiddos sane while staying at home during the heat! Homemade Playdough I prefer the cooked playdough recipe which isn’t as grainy Combine 1…

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How long does it take to Homeschool my child?

chalkboard how long does it take to homeschool

A question I often receive from people who are asking about homeschooling it “How Long will it take to Homeschool my child?” Unfortunately, that is a very open question. A few things it depends on : How old is your child. The younger they are, the less formal “schooling” time is necessary. Does your child…

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Year Round Homeschooling

If you aren’t familiar with homeschooling, there is just SO much out there!  We are in our 4th year of homeschooling already, and while there are some great days, we also have days that have challenges. I am writing this article because I know a lot of people think about doing homeschooling right before and…

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Cheap kid fun that will bring you back to your childhood!

First there was the slime craze of 2017, and now its rock painting. Do you remember painting rocks as a kid? I do! Now rock painting has become a craze on its own and is taking new life in a “geocatching” collecting sort of way. And if you have a kid that likes to hoard…

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What to Expect on a Free Day

Free days at Museums and other venues are gold Unless it is so crowded that you can’t get in. Or you get kicked out because it is overcrowded. Phoenix summers are hot. And they can seemingly last forever, making a free day at any venue a literal hot spot to hit. With Social Media, word…

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Free (and Nearly Free) activities 2017

Looking for our free Summer Activities for 2019? Check out post here! If the walls are starting to feel like they are closing in on you after a few weeks of being stuck inside with the kids, you might start to think “I need to get OUTTA here!” There are some great, cheap activities available if…

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Overwhelming moments for moms

Moms get themselves stuck in awkward, stressful moments all the time. Here are my top 11!   1. Birthday parties. It doesn’t matter if its your child that is having a birthday party or a neighbor, these events can bring on the momma craze. How much to spend on a gift? Do you drop off…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Surprise AZ Mom

I’m so happy you all are following our blog and our adventures, and I hope that it has inspired you to do some of your own exploring. I’ve had questions asked of me before, so I figured I might as well answer them again!   Are you a real mom? Haha, yep. I guess there…

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Traveling with Kids

traveling with kids

I could lie and tell you it was such a relaxing time traveling with kids is filled with joy and laughter. But, like I said, I’d be LYING! We flew to Connecticut and had to wake up at 3am Phoenix time to catch a flight to Atlanta, and then pick up another plane and head…

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Pool Safety-In and around your community

I received the second notification this year on my phone that a child had drowned in a pool yesterday. It sends chills all over my body-which is why I am addressing it here. -What does drowning look like (From Reader’s Digest). 1. They can’t call for help—she has to be able to breathe before she…

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Gosh darn it, I have to take care of my health too?

The past few months have been quite the whirlwind for us. Mostly good things, with a broken arm and a sick husband thrown in, an injury of my own reminding me I’m not 16 anymore and can’t run without stretching and doing some strengthening. Well, I finally made an appointment with my doctor because I had…

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Being a homeschool mom

I have friends who have children in public school, in charter schools, and of course who also homeschool. If you asked me before I had children if I would ever homeschool, I would have laughed. I, too, thought that the kids who were homeschooled wouldn’t have enough social time. Sandy Hook did play a big…

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I’m feeling the old

The last few months have confirmed what I knew would someday happen. Feeling old. First grey hair. Injury from running (slowly). Metabolism slow down. There isn’t much else you can do but admit that it is happening and change what you are doing. I had to stop running because my knees were hurting so badly.…

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