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Keep Your Kids Reading!

How to Keep your Kids Reading when they can’t go into the library. Are your kids big readers? They should be! One of the best ways to get your child ready for success to read. But, find books to read can be exhausting. And, it can be exhausting on your budget too, especially if you…

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Not Giving Up-Innovation is Born in the Face of Adversity

I have seen many posts of stressed out mothers and fathers, at wits end trying to accomplish everything that is set out in front of them. Get work done. Keep the house clean. Get schoolwork done. And maintain some semblance of sanity. And in this, I have also seen posts of “It’s not possible to…

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Resiliency in Tough Times

resiliency hiking guy

When I was 13, I was put into a group called Upward Bound. I was considered an at “At Risk” youth. I always thought was somewhat hilarious. But, I was from an “inner city” and my parents didn’t graduate from college. I had enough drive to do well and my teachers could see that I…

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Looking back, one year later

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that in September 2018 I suffered from a pretty devastating setback. I was homeschooling our three children, running my blog and real estate and working towards my third half marathon. I started to feel like I had a cold coming on, but as…

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The One Day that Changed My Life

day that changed my life

“My life was amazing.” I recently shared my story in front of a room of strangers about why you should plan for your business, and your personal life. In 2018, I spoke on a panel about SEO and how my blog, Surprise AZ Mom, was reaching thousands of people across the country, was running my real estate business as well. In addition to…

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For Better or For Worse, in Sickness and in Health

for better or for worse

This is such a popular phrase for couples about to be wed. They recite it in their giddy anticipation of being married, many in their late teens, early or mid twenties. Some, not knowing what future will await them. My husband and I are now married for 11 years. I know when we took our…

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Talking with your children about tragedies

talking with your children about tragedies

No matter the age of the child, parents want to protect their children from the world and the evils in it. Often we are reminded that there is bad around us and we don’t see all of the good that surrounds our families. I pause for a minute and tell you why I am writing…

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Phoenix Traffic Bingo

Are you looking to do something different with your kids while driving in the car? Check out our fabulous Phoenix Traffic Bingo! Fun things we have seen on the road in the Phoenix area. See who can score the most tips on your errands around town or your next staycation!

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Why I don’t like to share!

why I don't like to share

If you are reading this sentence, you might think I am the world’s worst mother in the world. She doesn’t want to share with her kids? Why would she bring a beautiful child into the world if she didn’t want to share? But hold on, let me explain! My kids are dirty. I love them,…

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Are you thinking about Homeschooling in Arizona?

thinking about homeschooling

Make sure you also check out our Frequently Asked Questions Post as well! School work, kids schedules, work schedules, large class sizes and personalized education are just some of the reasons that people are thinking about homeschooling in Arizona. If you have contemplated it and are wondering more about it, I’m here to help! Some…

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How long does it take to Homeschool my child?

chalkboard how long does it take to homeschool

A question I often receive from people who are asking about homeschooling it “How Long will it take to Homeschool my child?” Unfortunately, that is a very open question. A few things it depends on : How old is your child. The younger they are, the less formal “schooling” time is necessary. Does your child…

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Year Round Homeschooling

If you aren’t familiar with homeschooling, there is just SO much out there!  We are in our 4th year of homeschooling already, and while there are some great days, we also have days that have challenges. I am writing this article because I know a lot of people think about doing homeschooling right before and…

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Cheap kid fun that will bring you back to your childhood!

First there was the slime craze of 2017, and now its rock painting. Do you remember painting rocks as a kid? I do! Now rock painting has become a craze on its own and is taking new life in a “geocatching” collecting sort of way. And if you have a kid that likes to hoard…

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Overwhelming moments for moms

Moms get themselves stuck in awkward, stressful moments all the time. Here are my top 11!   1. Birthday parties. It doesn’t matter if its your child that is having a birthday party or a neighbor, these events can bring on the momma craze. How much to spend on a gift? Do you drop off…

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