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No Cheating for Cheetahs

Did you love our Lions? Well, you will love our information about Cheetahs too! Cheetahs usually live about 10-12 years in the wild and are about 3.5 to 4.5 feet long. They weigh anywhere from 77 to 143 pounds. They are the worlds fastest land mammal and can go from 0 to 60 miles in…

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When I started getting the information together for bears, I didn’t realize what a wealth of information I would find. Did you know there are 8 different types of bears? Me either! And if you did, kudos! And, a Koala isn’t one of them. Anyhow, you will find TONS of resources for this weeks theme.…

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learning about muscles

Do you want to work your muscles or learn about them? Check out all these great ways for kids to learn about how their bodies work and how great their bodies work! Videos The Magic School Bus Flexes it’s Muscles-Full Video Ways to Use Your Muscles Here is a great website that talks about muscles,…

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Flipping for Frogs!

Do you like frogs? We love frogs! But what is the difference between a frog and a toad? Would you kiss a frog or a toad? Or a tadpole? Check out all of our fun activities for Frogs! Life of a Frog Life Cycle of a frog-Workskeet. Cut and paste different pieces. Great for little…

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This is For The Birds!

This is for the birds

Every week, I’ll be sharing what fun things our kids will be learning out so you can learn along with us. I know it can be hard to come up with a plan for learning, so I hope that this will help you and your kiddos have fun and maybe the parents will learn something…

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10 Fun Things to Do at Home with Kids

10 Fun Things to Do At Home with Kids

The Coronavirus (or Covid19) has really changed our lifestyle from going and exploring new places to making us stay inside or be wandering our neighborhood. With that in mind, we know many other families are also struggling with ways to keep their kids having fun at home. Make sure you check out our 10 Ways…

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10 Fun Science Experiments at Home

10 fun science experiments

We love doing science experiments in our home. And, the best thing about these science experiments is that you can also modify them and see what happens! Check out what you do to make them work and how things change. Dancing Milk-From the Arizona Science Center One (1) Dish Soap Bottle At Least Two (2)…

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Successfully Schooling

Successful Schooling

Whether you are homeschooling your children, putting them in preschool for the first time, or sending them off to college, I believe these tips are vitally important to kids! Not only are they great for kids, but they are also great for adults too. Getting through a day at school (or work) in can be…

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Are you thinking about Homeschooling in Arizona?

thinking about homeschooling

Make sure you also check out our Frequently Asked Questions Post as well! School work, kids schedules, work schedules, large class sizes and personalized education are just some of the reasons that people are thinking about homeschooling in Arizona. If you have contemplated it and are wondering more about it, I’m here to help! Some…

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How long does it take to Homeschool my child?

chalkboard how long does it take to homeschool

A question I often receive from people who are asking about homeschooling it “How Long will it take to Homeschool my child?” Unfortunately, that is a very open question. A few things it depends on : How old is your child. The younger they are, the less formal “schooling” time is necessary. Does your child…

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Year Round Homeschooling

If you aren’t familiar with homeschooling, there is just SO much out there!  We are in our 4th year of homeschooling already, and while there are some great days, we also have days that have challenges. I am writing this article because I know a lot of people think about doing homeschooling right before and…

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Yes, We Homeschool…Annnnnd

Yes, We homeschool, and no, I never thought I would. I started out in college as an Early Elementary Education major with a minor in Communication. I ended going back to my home state and finished my college education with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I did a lot of teaching while I was…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Surprise AZ Mom

I’m so happy you all are following our blog and our adventures, and I hope that it has inspired you to do some of your own exploring. I’ve had questions asked of me before, so I figured I might as well answer them again!   Are you a real mom? Haha, yep. I guess there…

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