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Thriftbooks and Homeschooling

Are you thinking about homeschooling this year? Or have you been homeschooling for a while and need a new source of books? I buy a lot of my workbooks and schoolbooks on Amazon, but I needed another source for books. I remembered that my high school vocabulary books were really a great resource. I tried…

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Social Emotional Learning-Proceed With Caution

Although we homeschool our children, I have been paying more attention to what is going on with the public and charter school systems in the past few years. My children had a little bit of time in the public school system when I was sick, and I learned a lot about the public school system.…

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Homeschooling-Trouble Spots

When you are homeschooling and your child is moving forward with their lessons and everything is going well, you feel like you are on top of the world. Your child is learning, they are feeling great and you are feeling good too. You may feel like “I can do this” “This is no problem” “I’ve…

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Valentine’s Day for Kids


Oh, and if you are wondering why we put the apostrophe where we do-Here you go! Valentine’s Worksheets Valentine’s Day Craft-2nd-5th grade Valentine’s Day STem-K-5th Reading Mystery Once upon a crime Poisoned Valentine-2nd-4th Grade February Math Crafts-1st-4th Grade Valentine’s Day Activities-Bag Craft-K-2nd Unlock the Love-Valentine’s Day-Math Games-K-6th Valentine’s Day Craft-Bee Mine-Prek-1st 2nd Grade Valentine’s Day…

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Homeschooling Activities

Martin Luther King Jr was an inspiration leader, speaker and Reverend. I have to sheepishly admit that in elementary through high school, I knew a little about his life, but in college I had a full semester of Peace Studies where I was able to learn so much about his activism and his nonviolent ways…

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Is it time to hire a tutor?

This year has been a very crazy year with kids in and out of school. Schedules have been interrupted more than once, classes are via zoom and your child may be having some issues with their schoolwork. You may be wondering “Is it time to hire a tutor?” I have seen many posts on different…

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Christmas Fun at Home!

If you are a homeschooling family or finding yourself schooling at home, you may want to find some fun things to do at home that have to do with Christmas. We have lots of fun things to do with your kids at home. If you are looking for some out of house experiences, we also…

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Veterans’ Day-Worksheets, History and more

veterans day

Veterans’ Day is often confused with Memorial Day. While Memorial Day honors those who have died for our country, Veterans’ Day honors living veterans, as well as those who have passed. Veterans’ Day was once called “Armistice Day”. I’m really they changed the name because it seems like a mouthful! However, Armistice means an agreement…

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Keep Your Kids Reading!

How to Keep your Kids Reading when they can’t go into the library. Are your kids big readers? They should be! One of the best ways to get your child ready for success to read. But, find books to read can be exhausting. And, it can be exhausting on your budget too, especially if you…

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BrainSTEM 4D Augmented Reality Cards for Dinosaurs

Brainstem 4d dinosaur

If you have a dinosaur lover in your family, you will love the BrainSTEM 4D Reality Cards for Dinosaurs. Your kids will no longer think dinosaurs are long gone creatures, but that they are alive and well in your home! My Munchie is a huge fan of everything dinosaur, and has a few favorite Dinosaur…

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BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards-Cells

4d augmented

Have you checked out our post about BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards-Planets yet? If you have an aspiring scientist who wants to know more about the skin they are in, viruses, bacteria and more, the BrainSTEM Cell cards bring these (and more) to life without a microscope. All you need is your phone or a…

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BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards- Planets

BrainSTEM Planet Cards

Are your kids learning about Planets, Cells and Dinosaurs? Check our the BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards! BrainSTEM 4d Augmented Reality Flashcards are your go to for interactive, fun learning at home or on the go! While the planets may seem years away, they can come to life right in your own kitchen! The BrainSTEM…

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Halloween-History, Worksheets and More!

This year, many people may be celebrating Halloween a little bit differently. Our Halloween History, Worksheets and more can help you. Make sure you also check out our post that has all the fun drive thrus in the valley and fun Fall Events this year too! But, why do we celebrate? What is the history…

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Imagine Arts Academy

Are you looking for something to do with your kids that is creative, gets them to learn, think about the world around them and problem solve? Check out Imagine Arts Academy by Crayola! Are you also looking for something that can be taught in your home via the computer? Imagine Arts Academy, which is partnered…

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Learn About 9/11-Kid Friendly

Many parents want to talk about the history of September 11th with their children, but aren’t sure how to talk about it. Amazingly enough, if you were born on September 11th, 2001, you will turn 19 this year. For many adults, we remember this day in a very solemn way. For many people, they do…

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