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Cashman Park Phoenix

I always love finding a good park that happens to be nearby! We were at the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders’ Cup event and the kids needed a little run. Cashman Park in Phoenix was nearby and an amazing park.

Located south of Desert Trails School, Cashman Park is connected to the surrounding neighborhoods with a dirt trail but also has a great parking lot.

Along with a quiet neighborhood, off street parking and a lot of greenspace, Cashman Park also had 2 sand volleyball courts, a basketball court, a shared basketball courts with the school and a few ramadas surrounding the trail and right near the parking lot.

Rope Climb Cashman Park

This is a nice, big rope climber. My kids love these things. However, it is not as big as the one at Riverview Park in Mesa, but is similar in size to the one at Kiwanis Park in Tempe.

There were a few lonely spinny chairs, and of course lots of mulch. There was a nice separation between the toddler playground and the big kid playground. The big kid playground was FULL of climbing obstacles, which my kids LOVE!

Big kids playground Cashman Park

I loved the huge shaded sails. More spinny chairs and so many climbing activities. There were also a few benches surrounding the park that were under trees. Unfortunately, the trees didn’t have any leaves on them. If the trees did have leaves, it would have been amazing!


This is what she was spinning on. Not sure why the platform was so far away, but it may have been to steady the spinner.

spinner and platform at Cashman Park

Dimples did not like the ride.

Dimples doesn't like to spin!

You can also see the beautiful covered ramada and bathrooms. However, the bathrooms did not have stall doors. Boo hoo! I don’t like meeting other moms that way!

Awesome ramada and bathrooms.

But he did like his McDonald’s Meal. Yes, we do that every now and again.

And then, I tried this spinny thing. No joke, it is not easy to hold on!

DNA strand cashman park climber

This climber was definitely a challenge for even munchie. It reminded me of a DNA strand. Science at the park anyone?

difficult climber cashman park

I really have no idea how this would be possible!

a view of all the climbers from above.

So many different things and ways to climb at this park!

If you have older kids, there are trails and the basketball and volleyball courts. The trails are not paved (2018), but there are a few ramadas on the trails as well.

This toddler play area was really nice. I still don’t get the triangular climbers, as I have seen at many parks (Like Avondale Friendship Park) 

There were two slides (not pictured, unfortunately my picture was horrible!), a cute tunnel and lots of play areas. The drums and the microphones were great. Dimples really liked doing the small bridge and climbing the small kids area.

Two big kid swings and two baby swings were available as well. They were not shaded.

Cashman Park is an amazing place for Toddlers, big kids and even teens. Honestly, this is in my top parks to go to. The quiet area surrounding it (other than school drop off and pick up), plus the availability of bathrooms, shaded areas, green space and tons of area to run and play that was visible from the park area made it a really amazing park to be at. And, if I’m jumping in to the fun, you know it is good!

The Basics

Cashman Park

22222 N 44th Place, Phoenix






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