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Camino a Lago Splashpad

As crazy as it may seem, we had been to the Sunrise Mountain Library and Camino A Lago Park so many times, but had never been to the splash pad part of the park.


I’ll admit, this splash pad is very basic, but if you are at the library and want to check out the park, the splash pad is a nice benefit on a hot day. The downsides to this park, unfortunately, is that there is not much shade (actually none at all at the splash pad), and it is a bit far from the covered park.


The splash pad doesn’t have much to it, and it is a cement base, so bring some water shoes. And, also wear plenty of sunscreen.


There are a few benches and there is a high wall that is close to the splash pad that you can sit on if you don’t want to get wet. I would classify this “splash pad” as more of a spray pad (if there is a definition between the two, I don’t know it-but there isn’t a “ton” of water that comes out, and it kind of “sprays” more. You can easily play in this pad without getting soaked, so if you didn’t bring a bathing suit, you might be ok!


Just a little water from the bottom!


And a little from the top! You can see the baseball field near the school in the background.


The pad gets very wet and I didn’t see any drainage at all, so be careful where you step! Behind Dimples (green sleeves) is the button to turn on the water. It is on a small pole and makes noise every time you push it (yes, exciting it makes noise too!)


The tennis courts are also behind the splash pad.


There is a parking lot that is near the splash pad, so if you have little ones that are running back and forth from playground to the splash pad, be wary! The playground isn’t extremely far, but they aren’t back to back from each other. The climbing equipment on the 5+ playground is wonderful, but if you have an unsteady climber and they are wet, please be careful. The other issue is shoes. The cement is HOT so you want water shoes or flip flops, but they don’t go well on the climbing equipment, so it’s just something to keep in mind if you are going back and forth from the playground. The playground is also mulch, which can be sharp on bare feet!


This park also features a lot of round seating areas, I guess you can call them. They are really pretty areas, but none of them are shaded, which is a bummer. Hopefully, in a few years the trees will grow in and provide some shade for this beautiful park.

The splash pad was decent enough to cool off, but I wouldn’t call just the splashpad a destination. The combination of the park and library, and even nearby shopping does make for a worthwhile trip! If you haven’t been to the park, and you have kids that love to climb, its a great location. And, I’ve even heard it is good for catching Pokemon.

The Basics

Camino a Lago Park-Peoria

21111 N 98th Ave

Peoria, AZ

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