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Camino a Lago Park-Peoria

One day when we were at the Sunrise Mountain Library in Peoria, I noticed from the window there was a park that we hadn’t explored. Although the library has a little outdoor area, Munchie and Giggles need something a little more challenging. So, the next time we visited the library, we headed to the park after wards (with snacks in hand!)


Located next to Sunset Heights Elementary school on 98th Avenue, and close to shopping (and dining if you forget to pack a snack) areas on Lake Pleasant road, Camino A Lago Park is on 98th Ave.





There are two playgrounds, one for the little tykes (very similar to the one at the new park in Surprise Farms. The big kids area has lots of different climbing platforms, monkey bars and a slide.


There was also this awesome hammock-like swing that my kids kicked me out of. It was very comfortable. You can also see there are a few ramadas and a basketball court in the background.


There were also these ball things. No clue what you were supposed to do with them!


My kids had fun playing on these wobblers (that’s what I am going to call them!)


One of the most important things, of course, was the bathroom! You seriously could make a whole day out of the library, parks and shopping (or eating)!



Two swings and two baby swings, along with some interesting paths with rounded seating areas.


Not pictured were some nice green areas and a volleyball net, and also a small splashpad! (That will be another post!).

This park is great because of the proximity to the library, its way far off of busy roads and the amenities for all ages. This is a great destination. Also, the tike park has a place to put matchbox cars to zoom around, so make sure you bring a few!

The Basics

Camino a Lago Park Peoria

98th Ave and Lake Pleasant (behind the Sunrise Mountain Library)

This park includes:
Basketball Courts, Grills, Picnic Benches, Ramadas, Splashpad, Tennis Courts



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  3. Victoria on May 5, 2018 at 10:09 am

    I take my 10 & 9 yr old to this park after visiting the library. They always have a nice time & kids are all so kind. I have a question about the little splash pad. How does it work? Is it motion sensored? We have not walked close enough to check it out. Is it open for water play?

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