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Camelback Park-Litchfield Park

It was just warm enough today to try and make a run for the outside, and since we felt like we had been stuck inside for days, we wanted to get out of Surprise!

If you aren’t from Surprise, you might see my title of this blog post and say “Two parks?” No, Litchfield Park is a city, and the park we went to is Camelback Park.



Camelback Park is in the middle of a neighborhood, on 1185 Villa Nueva (corners of Dysart and Camelback). There is no entrance right off the corner so you do have to enter through the neighborhood on E. Villa Nueva Dr off of Dysart.

The Park is green and huge=over 4 acres of land with plenty of trees for shade. There is no cover for the playground, but it was in a pretty shaded spot. There is no off road parking, but the road is a non busy road, so parking parallel on the street was not a problem (unless you have runners!).




I love trying to do the panoramic shots. You’ll also see a climber (Munchie said it looked like a turtle) in the foreground.



The playground was full of sand and had a lot of slides. This one was great for my older kids, but be careful with the younger ones as the slide didn’t seem all that sturdy. I wouldn’t recommend this one for an adult.



This was a nicer area for my little Dimples to be on. The only issue I had was there was some areas where he could easily fall off, and the “floor” of the play scape was more of a mesh material than a more solid material with smaller drainage holes. Some little ones really don’t like climbing on the mesh types because it hurts their knees more.


There was also some swings-one baby and two “big kid”.


And here is the full “Playscape”. It was a little older than some of the others I have been to, but pretty clean and well functioning. It had a nice, large grassy area, however, I would warn you that there is a small wall that encloses the park from Dysart and Camelback, but if you have runners and climbers, I would be wary of letting them go loose too close to the wall. The wall is only about 2′ high at its maximum and can easily be crawled over by an energetic youngster.

There were no bathrooms at this park, but there was a wide variety of fast food places across Camelback. I really liked the park for its openness and relative quietness, even though it was on the corner of a major intersection.

The Basics
Camelback Park in Litchfield Park AZ

1185 Villa Nueva Dr

This park includes:
Climbing Features, Greenspace, Sandbox, Slides, Swings, Toddler Friendly


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