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Cabela’s Glendale

IMG_2593When we were in Connecticut, we often visited the East Hartford Cabela’s location as an activity with the children. Not only were there animals (“stuffed” of course), but there was also the aquarium. For Munchie, the aquarium at Cabela’s was just as interesting, if not more, than going to the actual aquarium that cost $30 per person. And Cabela’s is free, unless you buy something (which we usually do).

As we entered Cabela’s, there was a huge “pond” where they had fish in. It looked like a tarp made into a pool.

IMG_2595Unfortunately, I have no idea what type of fish they were, but it was interesting for Munchie and Giggles to take a look at.

IMG_2596Each Cabela’s is massive, and this one was even bigger than the one that we went to in Connecticut. Needless to say, this area was very impressive. Munchie just kept pointing at different things. He started to head to the area where, if we were in the Connecticut Cabela’s, the aquarium would be.

IMG_2597Instead, we found the “rock tunnels”, which were beautiful! Of course, Munchie and Giggles felt the need to try and climb this. There is no place to climb, no worries!

IMG_2600We then entered this area, which had a few different species of animals, including bobcats, bears, deer and moose. Be warned, the animals were alive at one point, and it could frighten some children. There is also a very realistic looking mannequin behind the fence, but nothing is moving or robotic.

IMG_2601This is a picture of the Bobcat in the museum. Although he looks real ferocious in this picture, he is no longer living.

We somehow missed the “Africa” section, but I found it online on the Virtual Tour on the Cabela’s site.

We walked upstairs to the massive second floor (unfortunately, the elevators were hard to find, but they do exist!), and I took a detour to the bathroom. I was pleasantly surprised to find a baby changing station in the upstairs bathroom, and there was even one in the men’s bathroom (no excuse, hubby!). There was also a bathroom on the first floor past the customer service desk.

IMG_2602Also upstairs was a cafeteria. I didn’t see any food out and ten in the morning, but you can find out their menu online before you go. There is even a “sweet shop” next door that has fudge and other goodies. Something smelled heavenly as we past it, but we didn’t tempt ourselves.

IMG_2603Upstairs also had a shooting simulator game that I tried to take a picture of, but it was too dark to see, unfortunately. And if you are wondering if Cabela’s sells toys-Well yes they do! Right past the cafeteria.

We headed back downstairs and I spotted the aquarium in the far corner of the store. We distracted Munchie from wanting to take a look at the boats and ATVs (we aren’t really in the market for one of those right now anyhow), and headed in.

IMG_2604There were lots of huge fish for the children to look at, which was great. And Turtles too! I found that there was a white board in the aquarium with a few FAQs on it. One was regarding the turtles, probably because there were tons of little kids who were very concerned

Q-“Are the turtles dead?”

A-“No, turtles can hold their breath underwater for about 30 minutes. They might not move much underwater, but they are not dead.”

That might be a good thing to discuss with your children before you go if you think they may be concerned! Also, a great tip was that Cabela’s has a public feeding event Saturdays around 1pm!

IMG_2605My Hubby found this sign on the inside of the aquarium which was a bit interesting. There was definitely room for more than five of us in the aquarium. I’m not sure what this was about, but maybe at the public feeding time this is enforced? I really have no idea, but I thought I’d post it anyhow!

Cabela’s also has a lot of events and activities for the older kids and adults (and even DOGS!). They feature and Indoor archery range, the boat/ATV shop, Dog kennels and conference room for the classes they hold. You can find out what is going on at their events page. I even read you can have a birthday party there!

If you are looking for an educational time and even lunch or dinner, this is a great family friendly place to go!

The Basics:

Cabela’s Glendale

9380 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305

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