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Busy Baby Mat

Taking your very young children out on errands or to a restaurant can be a daunting task. However, Army Veteran Mom Beth Fynbo came up with an amazing solution to keep babies and toddlers happy and healthy.

Meet the Busy Baby Mat!

The Busy Baby Mat comes with two “Tethers” that hold your child’s favorite toy in place. The mat is suction cupped onto a hard surface and is dishwasher safe! The suction cups make it hard for a child to detach the mat from the table, but easy for a parent to take on and off.

Other Amazing Uses

The suction cups can also suction together to be used on things like shopping carts. Tether your favorite toys to the mat for on the go shopping! Plus, your teething child will be chewing on the clean Busy Baby Mat and not the handle bar of the grocery cart. I really can speak from experience!

Another great use is to use the suction cups together over the handle of the baby carrier and use it as a mobile! Perfect for the baby who can’t yet sit in a high chair at a restaurant but still needs to be entertained. No more throwing the baby toys on the floor of a restaurant. The toys can no longer be tossed. No more testing gravity!

This is also perfect for strollers too. No more lost toys at the mall or on walks. Put this right onto the tray of your favorite stroller for a workout or on the way to school.

The Busy Baby Mat isn’t just for toys.

The Busy Baby Mat can also be used with markers! If you use your favorite washable markers, they rub right off. If you use a dry erase marker, a little soap and water will get the dry erase marker off. This is just another great way to keep a little one busy while moms and dads enjoy some food with friends.

I really love this product and wish it were around when I had three kids three and under.I think this makes a perfect traveling companion and for every day use.

BAby on a plane busy baby mat

You can check out Busy Baby on their Website, and of course their Facebook and Instagram.

Right now, Busy Baby is offering our Readers 15% off their Busy Baby Mats through their Website by using code “SurpriseAZMom”. This code is only good Until May 30th, so don’t wait too long! You’ll want this for all your summer adventures!

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