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Bullard Wash Park Goodyear

We journeyed out to Goodyear to check out the Bullard Wash Park. It was an easy drive down the 303 to the park and just a few turns off the highway. However, finding the parking lot was very difficult.

Unfortunately, there is no parking lot. Ahhhh. There are about 10 parallel parking spots on the street (Virginia Ave) on the East Bound side. It was a little nerve wracking for me to have my three kiddos near the street as I was trying to mangle them all out of the car. Virginia Ave isn’t super busy, but the cars were going pretty fast to be next to a parked car with kids getting out.


Nice wide sidewalk, but still a little concerning for me with my troop.


Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a walk to the playground. If you have kids that aren’t fond of walking (2 and under) I suggest a stroller. Dimples was not fond of walking on the way back and the two older kids were not happy either. It would also help out with the traffic situation if you brought a stroller you could place on the sidewalk.


At this park were “Life trail” exercises. My kids saw the bike and thought it was pretty cool. So did I, so they hopped on board. We didn’t check out all the stops along the trail but I could see from the playground there were quite a few. From what I see from the maps it goes from Rio Paseo Park to McDowell Road.


The trail even has a tunnel that goes under Virginia Ave.


We were about halfway to the park from the “parking lot”.

We first came upon the swings. Two baby swings and two big kid swings, all on the rubberized surface. Rubber surface makes me so happy. I wear flip flops a lot (love my flippies, bad for my ankles and running), but mulch goes through them. Like daggers!


The two shaded playgrounds at this park are really toddler friendly, which I loved. Plus, once again, they are SHADED!! woo hoo. There were also two ramadas and a few benches. There is also a lot of green space and then just some desert.


I can almost see the tumbleweeds saying this is a great place to hang out.

This is a picture of the first area closer to the swings. I would say this would be better for the 3 plus crowd, but if your 2 year old or 18 month old was hanging out here it wouldn’t be that bad.



A nice “shaky” bridge as Munchie calls it and three slides for the first section.


This was the second area which had a few challenges for the early walkers with those “lilypad ” steps as I call it and the half circle climbers, but great for the 2+ crowd or kids who like to be monkeys. All with the rubberized surface below.


Giggles was showing me that she loved the tunnel.


My boys liked the tunnel too! Although that looks like Giggles again in the picture!


And if you have an older one that wants a challenge, there is also these crazy monkey bars. Munchie made it across multiple times. He may be thin, but the kid is strong! He is almost six (can’t believe it!) and he did really well,

This park is really wonderful if you have toddlers or kids in diapers. However, if you are potty training and want to have a bathroom, you may have to bring one of those little toilet seats because there is no bathroom. There is not much really close enough unless you hop in the car, and who has time for that when you are potty training? Rio Paseo park is across Virginia Ave from Bullard Wash Park, and there is no bathroom there either. However, a great park with lots of shade!

The Basics

Bullard Wash Park

Virginia Ave and 152nd (approximately), parking on Virginia Ave

Goodyear, AZ

This park includes:
Covered Playground, Greenspace, Ramadas, Swings, Toddler Friendly

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