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Bubble Mania Party Truck

I was contacted by Bubble Mania Party truck to do a review for them for my blog, Surprise AZ Mom.I asked that they come to my neighbors house for a party that my children were going to so I could review their service. They agreed via email that they would be able to come to the house and would call me if there were any issues with directions.

The morning OF the party, I received an email that messages didn’t get through (even though it looked like the owner of the business signed off on it, because who else was getting them emails?) and the owner was in Texas! He was unable to make the party as promised because he was training other businesses, COVID and because of the riots. And, as a business they had taken too much on.

So, the party I had promised our neighbors wasn’t going to happen because they weren’t in town. BUT WAIT! They were going to make it up to me during a pandemic by offering me a block party for my whole neighborhood. Who would go to this? And, why would I agree for them to make a fool out of me twice?

I wrote back that they could show up as promised or my review would stand.


It is not my problem that their business has communication issues or too many people answering emails, or whatever is going on. If there is a party promised, you show up to that party!

I am always honest with my readers. I do not recommend this company. Bubblemaniapartytruck

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