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BrainSTEM 4D Augmented Reality Cards for Dinosaurs

If you have a dinosaur lover in your family, you will love the BrainSTEM 4D Reality Cards for Dinosaurs. Your kids will no longer think dinosaurs are long gone creatures, but that they are alive and well in your home!

My Munchie is a huge fan of everything dinosaur, and has a few favorite Dinosaur movies and even has made a dinosaur pavilion with his bricks. This was the perfect way for him to experience the dinosaurs coming to life in our home.

The BrainSTEM 4D Augmented Reality Flash Cards can be accessed using your phone or tablet by using BrainSTEM’s app that can be found in the app store or Google Play.

It looks like the dinosaur is really in your home! By pressing a button, the user can make it walk, move forward or backward, growl and eat. There is also a feature where you can hear someone talk about the dinosaur or you can turn it off so the user can just “play with the dino”.

We even had a dinosaur walk off the table! Oh no!

This is also a great gift idea for kids on the go and traveling. Kids who love dinosaurs can take the dinosaurs with them easily and still learn! With a pack of earbuds kids can play with their favorite dinos without having a lot of toys cluttering up the car or luggage.

I think the Pteranodon was particularly cool! This was my favorite dinosaur that we played with. To see a flying dinosaur actually fly…wow!

And, we had the Ceratosaurus. Each dinosaur was cool for their own reason, but we had a few of our own favorites.

Our kids each picked their favorite dinosaurs that they liked to explore!

While you are checking out the BrainStem 4D Augmented Reality Dinosaurs, Make sure you also check out the Planets and Cells as well!

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BrainSTEM 4D Augmented Reality Cards Dinosaur

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