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BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards- Planets

Are your kids learning about Planets, Cells and Dinosaurs? Check our the BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards!

BrainSTEM 4d Augmented Reality Flashcards are your go to for interactive, fun learning at home or on the go!

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While the planets may seem years away, they can come to life right in your own kitchen!

The BrainSTEM Planet cards are durable and sturdy, and kids 5-12 can easily use them. Download the BrainSTEM app on Google Play or on the App Store (Apple) for free, and you are ready to go! Kids can easily manuever through the app and see their favorite planet or space rock come to life in their bedroom, kitchen or even car!

Not only do the BrainSTEM Planet cards have information on them, but as the child is looking at the 4D imagine, it also talks to them about what they are seeing.

My kids loved joking around that “Uranus was in the kitchen”!

This is a great gift for aspiring astronomers or kids who are just out of this world!

Giggles couldn’t decide which BrainSTEM Planet Card was her favorite-Neptune (she loves the color) or the mystery of the Black Holes.

Munchie loves Venus, and is always looking for “her” in the sky. Because Venus is so luminescent, he picked this as his favorite BrainSTEM Planet card!

Dimples is a lunatic, ha! So, he decided on the Mars BrainSTEM card. He loves learning about Earth’s natural satellite and why it isn’t actually made of cheese! He also loved seeing all of the cards come to life in our kitchen and living room.

The Basics

The BrainSTEM Planet cards are all available on Amazon and are also Prime Friendly!

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