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BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards-Cells

Have you checked out our post about BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards-Planets yet? If you have an aspiring scientist who wants to know more about the skin they are in, viruses, bacteria and more, the BrainSTEM Cell cards bring these (and more) to life without a microscope. All you need is your phone or a tablet!

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By using your Google Phone/tablet or Apple iPhone/ipad to download the free app, you can make these cards come to life!

Cells is recommended for ages 6+, but for understanding of what a cell is and for all of the ideas in the pack, I recommend this for ages 10 plus. The VR is really fun for kids 6+, but for true understanding of what all of it is, I think it is best for older kids. I honestly think this would be a great pack for kids in middle school or even high school!

Included in this pack are Vacuole, Virus, Reproductive Cell, Nerve Cell, Chromosome, Animal Cell, Skin, Bacterium, Lysosome, Chloroplast, Blood Cells, Mitochondria, Plant Cell, Amoeba, Euglena, Ribosome, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi and Nucleus.

I picked to do this pack with just my oldest, Munchie, who is 10 years old on our Android (Google) phone. I picked a few cards for Munchie to go over for our post and to talk about.

The first was the Nerve Cell. Because my father has Multiple Sclerosis and that disease attacks the nerve cells, I felt that this was a very appropriate card to talk about with him.

We also picked the Euglena. I’ll admit, I had no idea what this one was!

A big part of homeschooling is learning along with your kids!

Since everything has been “shut down” since March, talking and exploring Viruses seemed appropriate. While not all viruses look alike, this is a good look at one!

Mitochondria made me really reach back into my mind and think about my high school courses. But, if you are wondering about what is going on, you can also look at the back of the card and do a quick study too!

My favorite card (and Munchie’s too) was Chromosomes!

The way this one jumped out of the card was just amazing! Munchie just kept wanting to grab it. It really helped these 2d items come to life without the expensive microscopes. I really appreciated having this for my ever inquisitive Munchie. All you need is these cards and your tablet and the app.

The Basics

STEM Education 4D Augmented Reality Cards

There are also cards for Planets and Dinosaurs too!

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