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Braewood Park Peoria

Braewood Park in Peoria has a lot of different entrances, but our GPS did not like the most reasonable way to get there!


Our GPS took us to Mercer lane. Do not go that way. That gets you to a locked gate, which looks like it would be the park and would lead you to believe the park is locked up and closed.

locked gate braewood park

The gate is for the housing/apartment complex that is located right next to the parks.

For parking, there are two different parking lots-one off of Mescall Street and one off of 87th Ave. The one off of 87th Ave gets you closer to the bathroom.Both are fairly large lots.

Braewood PArk

Two shaded playgrounds with a toddler area and larger kids area are centered in the park. There is also a basketball court and tennis courts, and a lot of very flat green space with trees. Tons of ramadas with picnic benches as well!

braewood park

The big kids playground had a small rock climbing, lots of different climbing challenges, windy slides, double bumpy slides, dramatic play areas and stairs. Mulch was fairly new and very cushiony.

braewood park playground

The other side of the rock wall and the other crazy climbing features. I’m not exactly sure how kids put their feet in those blue things, but they manage it! You can also see the basketball courts in the background and that they were lit.

Toddler Playground Braewood park

The toddler playground had two slides, a tracing map, little stair steps, a telescope and a winding slide. All were perfect toddler heights.

ramadas at braewood park

So many Ramadas!

Greenspace Braewood PArk

Of course, the grass was not overseeded so the Greenspace isn’t green, but it is nice and flat. 87th Ave isn’t that busy of a street, but be careful of little ones. Lots of areas for kids to run, play frisbee or soccer. There is also a bathroom.

basketball and tennis courts braewood park

Basketball and tennis courts that also had lighting, just bring some balls!

The Basics

Braewood Park

87th Ave and Mescal

Peoria, AZ




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